AABB and Rotation

nocarenocare REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 92 Seed
I'm rotating points relative to the center of an object. The object is also rotating.
I was using just points and casting lines and that works just fine.
I'm now moving to wanting to use an AABB, but while my points rotate how I want, the other points of the box do not.

That is using RDU.NKDisplayBox and I expect raycasting has a similar behavior.

In the second frame, you can see the box has intersected after I have rotated the parent object a bit. The right side is now on the left. I want those generated points also rotating relative to my object. Min and max are relative, can I perhaps use a different tracing structure to have more control of those wrong points (-min, -max)?


  • nocarenocare REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 92 Seed
    NKPhysics.ObjectSweepCollectAll Works for for my purposes as an alternative. Is there any way I can better visualize this so that I feel secure it is working correctly with rotation?

    I've been locked in 2D orientations and next up is 3D so it will help a whole lot.
    RDU.NKDisplayObjectCollision does not seem to actually work and I don't see it used anywhere but CorePhysics.lua:344 and that does not appear to work either.
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