Build a Treehouse challenge!

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Hello! I challenge all who are interested in or playing TUG to take your time and build your own little treehouse!


1.) You have to build it in native Survival mode! (No cheating)
2.) The house must be built "on" the tree and there must be some height between the house and the ground

- If you want to you can include what materials you were using to build the house and also how long it took you to build it in all! (while in-game)

- You can also include the save game, if you so wish, so other people can try it out!

To start of this challenge, here's a show-off of my own treehouse with a spiral staircase!

Good luck with your treehouse!


  • reedooreedoo REGISTERED Posts: 151 Seed
    So I really want to do this challenge a number of times. I finally have a base and foraging established so I've started to give it a crack. It is indeed a fun idea, and with the new terrain and voxel behavior it is actually tons better.

    I've got a distinct lack of trees near my main base, so I am testing out a 'hanging' tree house with climbable staircases in one of the trees in the desert biome. Seeing as it is in the desert biome I've made it more of an open-platform look-out type tree house for the moment.
    Ignore the Cobblestone - I'm using it as a building platform (still a WIP) and it wont be a part of the final product.

    I took them in the half-light which is kinda crappy light - but you get the idea.

    I really want to build one on one of the 4-pronged trees that occur in the Spooky biome, as well as the fat bulbous tree that occurs in the Red Rocky biome - but at present I haven't found any of these near my base.

    What do people use for capturing videos of games? I feel like it would be easier to show off the design in a video - but I've never really done it for VGs.
  • reedooreedoo REGISTERED Posts: 151 Seed
    OK - so it took me several hours to put this video together. Hopefully for a first attempt it's decent enough. But this is my first completed Treehouse.
  • RumbeardRumbeard REGISTERED Posts: 30 Seed
    Looking great redoo! and nice job on the video too.

    Maybe a third tier for star gazing? Great biome choice and awesome job. I look forward to seeing your next build.
  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
    Yea. Actually impressed. Well done
    Programmer, designer, artist.
  • ZakeZake REGISTERED Posts: 216 Seed
    Fantastic! I love how you did this, I did not expect such a natural and realistic treehouse would work that well.

    As far as recording software, I believe most people use Fraps, but I have no desire to spend $40. I think a couple years ago I used Jing? It was a trial software but it didn't have a watermark, so it worked well for the one video I wanted to make.

    I think VLC Media Player has a screen capture tool so if that works it might be your best bet for free software.
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  • PamcakesPamcakes REGISTERED Posts: 738
    Awesome Reedoo! :D
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • DamRedDamRed REGISTERED Posts: 10 Seed
    did tobby t use creative because I thaught you could only make wood planks blocky in creative
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