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Hi guys what would u think dinos in this game ? Wouldn't it be cool ? cuz I saw some dinos with ppl on clay tables.


  • Nuclear RussianNuclear Russian REGISTERED Posts: 424 Seed
    TUG already has a direction with its animals. Although, I wouldn't be opposed to finding remains of previous animal life in TUG.
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    For what it's worth - Dinos FTW in my opinion. Ride them, eat them, trick them into eating goats. I'm in. If they don't end up in the game, I'll be beating the bushes to sell the idea to modders!
  • SinnonSinnon REGISTERED Posts: 383 Seed
    Its a good idea! But seems a little bit off with the whole "enviorment" TUG is creating, somehow, I don't know if someone can relate to this.
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    Once the mysteries of rigging and animating custom models for TUG mods gets unearthed I don't think it will be long till someone makes some Dino mods for it. Hey...isn't that what TUG is all about ..being mod friendly. So it's likely to happen down the road.
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  • SigilSigil REGISTERED Posts: 678 Developer
    Hey Dung, You should be able to put new creatures in right now. Do you know much about rigging at all? If you're interested talk to me later and I'll try to answer your questions.
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    I Know the basics of rigging. I know how to make a simple rig. I am still learning that slowly. Also, I imported some of the animal assets into Blender and have looked over there rigs and structure. I don't know if it is irregularities caused by the import process of the rigs for the goat/saber or if they are made like that...but they seem very outta wack. Some of the bones of the rig don't seem to move the a appropriate parts...and others seem down right outta place in conjunction with the model itself. So...i was very confused about the rigging on their models. ......or maybe, just maybe...I don't know what the hell I'm looking at and they are just the way they should be. lol..either way.
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  • SigilSigil REGISTERED Posts: 678 Developer
    I think I know what you're describing. the fact is fbx files aren't meant to be imported and reused. Also you're using blender? the export from 3ds max is slightly different then one from blender or any other program. data is the same but there tends to be details in the order and format that may end up causing issues.
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    Off topic, but I noticed that Sigil's posts number at 666. I always knew that he was not the average modder
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    I'd like to see "dino", but not real ones. More like huge animals, as in Planet Explorers in example, TUG's style : white eyes, creepy and cute at same time.
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