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Ahoy! This is a big tech update we have going on, as it's the benchmark for the team moving on to engine 2.0. The next several months will be spent building and porting systems over to openGL and making the game accessible to more and more players in the community. Not only do we expand the reach of the community, but we also get a chance to dramatically improve ALL the things for the game.

We have some REALLY exciting times ahead of us, as we prepare to grow our team and get a bit more aggressive on the things we create. As a lot of you know, we have always had a huge focus on modding, and much of that focus is actually going to start to shine within the next few months. While the DX11 engine may not expand much while we move over to openGL, we have some pretty rad stuff planned for the community and a lot of modders from the MC community. Its a great chance for us to really work out new systems we are introducing to make mod creation and discovery easier.

We will have a lot of fairly huge announcements on the future of TUG, within the next couple of months, so be sure to follow us [email protected]

As per usual, report any bugs you run into, screenshots and videos are super helpful if you have the time. And if the game is not running for whatever reason, and it was, we are more likely going to see the report email before we see the review on steam… just sayin.

Cameron has been doing a LOT of streams on builds lately, so follow him [email protected]
If you want Corey to hurry the H E double hockey sticks, up with openGL, harass him [email protected]
And if you want to send lavish gifts and cookie bouquets, feel free to get me [email protected]

of course, to track when indev and release builds arrive, follow [email protected]

Update Video:

Patch 0.8.5

Recent changes to our physics and terrain system have been drastic enough that we have had to bump the save version. All older saves are not compatible.

New Features
  • Sky Update: New look to the sky, as well as adjustments for color and density that will change depending how far you are between different biomes
  • Biomes have been made more distinct. Resource distribution, lighting, background sound, and fog density have all been updated for each.
  • Terrain voxels are now what you dig is what you get (with the exception of the ore dropping rock which gives cobblestone). Cobblestone and Thatched voxels will need to be crafted from rock and grass voxels, respectively.
  • Terrain Input system: biomes generally larger than before and more consistent with which biomes they are adjacent to. Biome frequency adjusted
  • Crude Door
  • Fat/Skinny body morphing
  • New clothing options for the Seed
  • Coconuts can now be harvested and planted
  • Variety of mushrooms can now be planted
  • Hitting the crafting button while crafting will cancel the current craft
  • Z-Placement Adjustments
  • Right click to place
  • Hold Left Shift to adjust the distance of the item from the camera
  • Hold Left Ctrl to free rotate the item
  • Hold Left Shift + Left Ctrl to rotate on the X-Axis
  • Creative Mode update (back to explicit tools for each function)
  • Creative Mode now has three sets of tools for object placement, voxel placement, and standard Survival interaction
  • Ctrl + MouseWheel or the ‘y’ key: Switch between Object Placement, Voxel Placement, and Survival Interaction
  • MouseWheel or Ctrl + 1-4: Switch between placement mode specific tools for each placement tool set
  • For Object Placement Tools: Z: resets the current object scaling/rotation settings
  • For Voxel Placement Tools: Shift + MouseWheel : Switch Voxel brush sizes
  • Object Placement Eyedropper Tool :
  • Primary Action : Select the currently highlighted object
  • Secondary Action : Place Item
  • Object Placement Rotation Tool :
  • Primary Action : Rotate the object on both X and Y axes
  • Ctrl + Primary Action : Rotate the object on X axis
  • Shift + Primary Action : Rotate the object on Y axisSecondary Action : Place Item
  • Object Placement Scale Tool :
  • Primary Action : Scales the object
  • Ctrl + Primary Action : Moves the object
  • Secondary Action : Place Item
  • Object Placement Delete Tool :
  • Primary Action : Deletes the object
  • Secondary Action : Place Item
  • Voxel Placement Eyedropper Tool :
  • Primary Action : Select the currently selected material
  • Secondary Action : Paints the selected material on the selected area
  • Voxel Placement Brush Shape Tools :
  • Primary Action : Removes the selected voxel shape from terrain
  • Secondary Action : Places the selected voxel shape on terrain
  • Survival Placement Tool
  • Normal Survival keybinds
  • Voxel icons now represent the type of block they place as well as representing the material of the block and any billboards
  • Tons of smaller new features and adjustments throughout the game

  • Increased performance of script processing significantly as a whole by allowing scripts to schedule their own update rates
  • Large performance optimizations to AI character processing when looking for objects or other characters
  • Greatly optimized networked game object performance managed by the server when clients are connected
  • Fine-tuned serialization interval times for game objects, gaining some performance when clients are connected to the server
  • Added billboard mipmaps, reducing visual noise of billboards at a distance, as well as potentially gaining some rendering performance
  • Improved shadow appearance
  • Large improvements to networking bandwidth usage
  • Various terrain performance improvements
  • Adjusted blending threshold for terrain to give a more distinct separation between terrain layers
  • Miscellaneous performance gains in various parts of the engine and gameplay
  • Updated AI system when making decisions for their state

  • Fixed a crash with Intel systems and certain AMD systems using 8 or more cores
  • Fixed an issue with with mouse cursor and window focus when using the Windows Classic Theme
  • Expanded initial range of spawn locations to more consistently start new players in a Forest biome
  • Fixed a runtime memory leak when cleaning up objects and terrain
  • The player is no longer capable of consuming a coconut whole
  • If there are additional items of the same type, stacked items in your hand will refill when used up.
  • Polar, desert (sahara), bedrock and red cliffs biomes are back in the main Survival Generation
  • Adjusted the angle of terrain that billboards appear at
  • Shields now occupy the same inventory slot as gauntlets
  • Fixed several tool/weapon animations
  • Fixed a potential crash when first loading new assets. Unfortunately, this will increase the initial load time the first time you launch a new version
  • The keybinds not saving for the current session is fixed. Be sure to save your settings after rebinding them.
  • Sprint can now be rebound to another key
  • Pressing caps lock will no longer lock the brush shape size
  • Arrow keys and mouse buttons 3+ should be mappable
  • Adjusted poison damage values upwards
  • Adjusted crafting priorities of several transmute recipes
  • Softened the torch sound effects
  • Fixed environmental FX not appearing
  • Fixed an issue where renamed save game directories were still referencing their original directory
  • Fixed some issues where placing objects would put them inside of the player (such as Vine Fences)
  • When crafting, recipe checks will now look for all active crafting stations which should side step issues with crafting near multiple crafting stations
  • Pressing G again after initiating a craft will cancel out of the craft
  • Fixed issue where loading a save would advance the time of day further than what it should have
  • Certain recipes (primarily alchemy conversions) now stack when creating more than 1 object
  • Fixed various issues with MaxViewDistance not taking effect properly in certain circumstances in a networked environment
  • Fixed several issues with clients disconnecting then reconnecting while dead.
  • Fixed an issue causing bouncing sounds to not play for clients when other players jumped on Mushroom Beds or Double Cap Mushrooms.
  • Single player no longer hard-sets port 6600 when launching, it now retrieves an open port from the OS. This can be retrieved in game by typing /port in-game
  • Note: To go from single-player to multi-player, you can type /allowconnections while in-game
  • To set a multiplayer game initially to just find a free port, enter ‘0’ as the port number. You will need to use /port to find out which port was allocated.

Modding Improvements
  • Implemented ModScript save, serialize and event systems
  • StaticModels, textures and mesh colliders can now be swapped on GameObject from lua
  • Mod can now create additional sound file
  • Mods now have the ability to define additional keybinds
  • Fixed the initializing order to prevent most lua loops
  • Updates and fixes to existing Lua API documentation, mostly correcting missing documentation, but also typos and definition mis-matches
  • Tons of new, modified and deleted Lua API calls. Here are some of the most notable changes:
  • Players can now be queried for their biome weights
  • Many new Sky controls
  • NKRefernce/NKDereference have been removed in favor of a better relevancy system in the engine.
  • Networked Script events are now registered on a per object level instead of global
  • New NKGetFilteredGameObjectsInRadius for searching for a particular item in range using the GameObjectSystem
  • New NKGetRadius API on the graphics component
  • Tons more! (see the EternusAPI Documentation for more details)

Known Issues
  • Repeatedly leaving and joining games within the same session of TUG can cause excessive memory issues.
  • Helmets are not wearable yet
  • Seedlings and Teens have their own sets of clothing right now. You can’t currently mix/match them. So if you are wearing Seedling leaf clothing when you grow up, it will not visually appear on the Teen even though it is still in the equipment slot.
  • The size of a Teen’s head is shrunk compared to the Seedling
  • On of the cactus icons is missing in Creative
  • When players die, all their inventory is placed at their feet. Some smaller items may require digging to retrieve (depending on the slope of the terrain).
  • The console/command window isn’t in the bottom left of the window when you go full screen
  • If you travel roughly 10000 coordinate points away from your initial spawn location, collision and object generation will cease
  • At certain angles and movement, projectiles can reflect off of the player that throw them
  • Rarely, Clients will have gaps in their terrain generation.
  • Rarely, players will see a cell of missing billboards.
  • When placing square voxels so that only a single point/corner touches, graphical issues can occur. Usually, it will appear as streaks or black triangles
  • Objects do not save while they are in motion (they must stop and settle)
  • The radius of torches scaring certain creatures is too long
  • Pets are missing sound effects
  • Pet taming timer is not accurate and sometimes you can overfeed a wild critter before it turns into a pet
  • Recipes that use tools in the hand are not causing durability damage to those tools
  • When digging or placing billboard voxels (like grass), the billboards do not reappear until after you have reloaded that game
  • The Skull Stick is craftable, yet its uses are mysterious and unknown (or possibly not done yet)
  • Animals/players caught in cabbage traps are not visible until the trap has completely reopened after releasing them.
  • Creatures will sometimes run small circles around their targets if they can’t quite reach the food item they are trying to eat
  • Tools can affect voxels they normally would not interact with when using larger voxel brush sizes


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