TUG Lets Play | Gameplay by Cigar0 | German

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Hi guys,

my name is Cigar0 and I love to play TUG now from the beginning. I'am from Germany and keep uploading a lot of TUG Videos like lets plays, tutorials or other stuff.
You can find my channel by clicking on this link:

It's not in English, so this post is maybe more for people from Germany, but if you like it a few thumbs up would be so nice and maybe a few more people from Germany will notice my videos.

Thank you very much and for us all: TUG is wonderful, keep it up! #TUGGermany


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    Hallo @Cigar0 !

    Thanks for creating these videos! It's always cool to see tutorials and let's play videos in different languages. :) Wishing you and the German TUG community much fun playing/creating! :D
  • Cigar0Cigar0 REGISTERED Posts: 3 Podling
    Thank you so much :-)
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