TUG in windowed mode problem

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I have a problem with Tug in windowed mode. The window is cut and not centered on screen(in full screen works fine), here i add a screenshot http://imgur.com/5A6I6NE, my monitor resolution is 1024/768. Is there a solution so i can play in windowed mode?


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    Hey @Adrianisss!

    You can change your window size settings by manually changing the "WINDOWHEIGHT" and "WINDOWWIDTH" entries in your user_config.txt file. You can find this file in your TUG directory, under \Content\Game\Config (the full default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Nerd Kingdom\TUG\Content\Game\Config).

    If after this the screen is still off-center in a way which prevents you from dragging it back into view, you can move it by hitting the "Alt+Space" combination, followed by the "M" key. and using your arrow keys to move it back into view.
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    Thank you for quick response , it works, have a nice day.
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