The big thread of 3D art.

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Are you interested in 3D modeling or animation for fan art in tug? Then you've come to the right place!

This thread is dedicated to 3D fan art for tug [strike]because traditional 2D art is overrated[/strike].

Some art ↓
A quick cave I did to concept using your hand gem as a light source.

And the characters I've made so far.
I'll probably release them once I have set up a rig for their faces.

Feel free to post 3D artworks you've done. :)


  • MeldrixMeldrix REGISTERED Posts: 24 Seed
    Spent an afternoon on this, pretty happy with the outcome.
  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    Agreeing with your happiness about the outcome.
  • PamcakesPamcakes REGISTERED Posts: 738
    Looking so awesome :D
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • SimbaSimba REGISTERED, Developers Posts: 74 Developer
    Nice work, I like the last image. It could do with a bit more clutter on the ground (foliage and such).
  • SinnonSinnon REGISTERED Posts: 383 Seed
    I think you really struck the Seed anatomy! Long arms with really big hands and the torso structure, amazingly accurate!
    Enlist your faction in Seekers Order, sub-groups or alliances are not problem with the enlisting, since we are a not a clan, just a UN sistem of organization.
  • lolmartlolmart REGISTERED Posts: 17 Seed
    One problem, You put the gem on the wrong hand...... ._.
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