FaidhFaidh REGISTERED Posts: 6 Podling
Hi people,

Didn't see a topic like this yet, so I thought I'd create one so we can show each other some in-game 'fan art' ;)
Me, my girlfriend and a good friend joined up and created this castle tonight - took us 3 hours.
We've got our veggies, a tower with sleeping quarters, a work corner and the main hall with majestic staircase and lookout :)
What do you guys think?


  • ZadiraZadira REGISTERED Posts: 11 Seed
    Wow! I am so impressed! You guys rock! :D
  • FaidhFaidh REGISTERED Posts: 6 Podling
    I might add some more screenshots of the inside after our next playsession, so far we've got quite a bit done, but it's far from finished.

    Basically, we realised we needed a big building, because else we kept getting lost :P So it's supposed to become a lot bigger :P
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