Hi, I'm new here :)

JenndragonflyJenndragonfly REGISTERED Posts: 1 Podling
Hey everyone, Jenndragonfly here. I just bought the game and am excited to see how it progresses! I have one question. How do you play with others? Do I have to join a server one of you host? I am not able to set up a server myself, but would love to play with others too!

Does anyone have a world they would be willing to share and collaborate with me?

Hope to see you in game!


  • ZiafZiaf REGISTERED Posts: 111 Seed
    Hey Jen, welcome to TUG.

    At the moment multiplayer is pretty incomplete, there aren't really any servers to play on, but the devs are working hard on getting dedicated server support back up, so we should have proper multiplayer mostly back in a few patches or so I think.
  • jon14ukjon14uk REGISTERED Posts: 782 Seed
    Hi Jen :) welcome and all that goodness! if dedicated servers work the way all of us hope it will you should play with us. Maybe help out Xandertopai or one of the many empires/groups that the community wants to create in the future :P.
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  • GeldmanGeldman REGISTERED Posts: 43 Seed
    Hi Jen if you want to play on a server with your friends you can use this tutorial oh and welcome to TUG
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