Can I get a steam key?

So I bought the game from Humblebundle and I didn't realise I wasn't given a steam key, instead I was given a key for the website.
I activated the key on the website but I'd prefer to have the game on steam instead.
Is it possible to have a key for steam?


  • acaciaacacia REGISTERED Posts: 3 Podling
    Same question right below you.
    Figure they're away for the weekend so probably won't see a reply for awhile.
  • acaciaacacia REGISTERED Posts: 3 Podling
    Hmm...more research. This kinda bites

    Appears they want the full twenty $20 for a Steam key but let's see what they say.

    I usually don't trust Home or Desura copies because developers often times stop bothering to update them once they get the limelight on Steam
  • mkt8989mkt8989 REGISTERED Posts: 1 Podling
    The same thing happened to me. I've been looking at the game for quite a while and finally decided to buy at the $5 Humble price a few days ago. What I found was that after an hour or two the launcher started giving me issues and getting into the endless download loop I see others mentioning. I've tried reinstalling it about three times now.

    Then today I saw that the game was on sale for either a Steam key or NK key for $1. O_o

    I'd really like to get a Steam key so I can play it without having to worry about the launcher.
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    Hey guys, please check out my response to this here:
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