New player and trouble w/ potions

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Hi there! I'm new to the game, 3 days, and loving Tug thus far. I am having problems brewing any potions. I've checked videos on youtube and such and I seem to be doing everything correctly but can't get the brew to activate when I press G. I have a pumpkin cauldron over a lit fire, cauldron is bubbling, drop a gourd flask and apple seed then press G to no avail. Any assistance will be much appreciated. Thanks.


  • GhostGhost REGISTERED Posts: 74
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    Are you sure you have the Gourd Flask and not the Gourd Shell?

    Also - try other seeds? Maybe pumpkin or Orange?

    If all that fails - sometimes objects around your area (like maybe another firepit hidden under the first one or something) can interfere with crafting... if all else fails, maybe try creating another firepit in a different area, and moving the cauldron there (away from other objects) and see if that helps.
  • RaptorciaRaptorcia REGISTERED Posts: 3 Podling
    I do have my cauldron next to my work bench. I had wondered about that and should have tried moving my bench before asking. Thanks for your fast response!
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