I cannot log in at all

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I am unable to log into anything. It gives me a runtime error. I have only been able to use my phone for logging in. I submitted a ticket but when I try to open the link and log in to see the ticket, it says its invalid. So I have to post here for answers. A friend of mine told me it is the servers blocking my external ip address.


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    Hey, I have the same problem! But I found this on another topic:
    Aey said:

    Well, I managed to get around this. I clicked the Forgot Password doohickey. Clicked the link in my e-mail to change my password and this logged me in. Yay. Put in my Alpha key, another runtime error... No problem, reload the previous page, the key is applied and I'm able to download the launcher.

    I hope they get this fixed, it's workable, but kind of a pain.

    It worked for me, you can just change your password to the same password you had before! Hope it helps!

    Edit: I used this to activate the code and stuff, but I can't login in the gamelauncher now. :(
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    I already figured that out, the issue now that I cannot log into the launcher to play as it is giving me login denials.
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    That works for me as well. At least your key gets redeemed.
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    Hey all, If you haven't yet (pretty sure some of you have), please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your account names (and error message screenshots if you have them) and we'll figure out what's going on.
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