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If you know me, I'm a big fan of the Souls series, and this game was made by the original developer of the Dark Souls and Demon Souls. So, I played it. Love it, and I think that everyone needs to play it as well.
If you're not a Souls fan, or never have played a game in the series, here's an overview: The souls games (and in effect Bloodborne) are fantasy action/rpg games that test your ability to deal with situations that come up on the fly. While some people will be put off by the difficulty, I find it to be a mix between cruel and fair. If you make a mistake, you will be punished by it, and if you keep making the mistake, you will probably die. The sense of accomplishment that you get from the game (either from killing off a boss, butchering another player in PvP, or just simply getting passed an area that has been destroying you) is unlike alot of the games out there right now. If you don't have them yet, or just don't have a PS4 for Bloodborne, the Dark Souls games are a definite thing to start off with.

Now, on to bloodborne. (I'm going to reference my own gameplay and the gameplay of the Dark Souls games, so bear with me here) (minor spoilers). The game itself is fast. It plays far faster than any of the Souls games, and its much more entertaining this way. It's set up for a huge risk/reward style of play, where you can regain lost health if you attack them quickly enough when they hit you. Dodging and rolling are far more of a necessity in this one than other titles, but parrying (countering?) is far simpler and quicker. The Bloodvile (healing) and QuickSilver bullets (ammo for guns and spells(?)) are finite, where you either have to farm for them or purchase them for yourself (and you can only do that in the safe zone), so running out in the middle of a fight is a horrible idea. While you can offer health for bullets (and then regain the health if you are fast enough), running out of anything in a boss fight can make it far more difficult than it needs to be.

Bosses: They are epic. The renaissance era time setting, with the beast type plague makes it feel like a werewolf horror book, and the bosses reflect that.
For example, one of the bosses, called the Cleric Beast, is a 20 ft tall white wolf that runs around on two legs and isn't afraid to combo you to death.
While the bosses might be terrifying, if you can get the timing right, you can also stagger them with your gun and be able to get a critical hit off of them (this is new, as in it wasn't in any other souls games. I find it very interesting). And for hunting these big beasties, you will need some bad ass weapons

Weapons/guns: Soooo good. While there isn't that much in quantity in this game, they sure do make up in quality. The weapons are your general collection of greatswords, hammers, axes, etc that are always in RPG games, but what makes them unique is that they can change into different types on the fly. For example, when you start the game, you have a choice between 3 weapons, a saw that changes into a longer sword, a 1 handed axe that extends into a 2 handed version, and a cane that breaks apart into a whip (my personal favorite). Each weapon has a unique set up that has its own unique playstyle. The guns, with your starters of pistol and shotgun, replace the classic shield. While they don't deal as much damage, you mostly use them for your counter attacks by blasting their face with silver right before the enemy hits you, allowing you to do a devastating attack.
My current set up for weapons is a dagger that breaks off into two, and deals insane amounts of damage to anyone near me, and a sword that changes into a scythe for range and fashion.

The clothing (armor) is heavily varied, ranging from a suit with a top hat (awww yea) to knight armor that protects you from everything. With no equipment burden on your character, you can mix and match to create the perfect fit for your build.

PvP: F*cking LOVE it.

In summary, Bloodborne is the PS4's system seller right now, with good reason. I have not delved into the story that much on my first play through, but now that I beat it I will go back and try to figure it out for myself. If you don't have it yet, and have the console, get it now.

If you do have it, post below about what you think, current build, and maybe PSN stuff for jolly co operation.
I will definitely be playing this game for a while (and I saw your post Ino, I know you have it. If you don't talk about it here too i will cry)


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    I'll never bother obtaining a Ps4, I'm cursed to remain in Dark Souls 2 for kind of an eternity.
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    Yeah, I agree. Consoles have dipped into that "unjustifiably expensive" realm for me and I just can't convince myself to venture there. This is the first generation of consoles that I've felt this way about. Up until this point, I've owned every console, at one time or another.

    Now, I can spend less than I would on a console and upgrade my PC to the nines. Not to mention the whole "wife and kids" variable.

    That said, Bloodborne does look pretty cool.
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    Oh yea, its definitely fun. I'm probably going to be setting up a low level pvp/helper character next. Compared to DS2, I'm not too sure. DS1 was definitely the better Dark Souls game (except for a few bugs), but I'm still riding on the hype train right now for Bloodborne. Maybe after a couple play through, I might switch back to them, but idk if I can get back into the mindset of the slow combat style
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    Really annoyed I dont play on console...
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    Dark souls 2 I remember being stuck at the Smelter Demon that thing was my greatest weakness cus it was a battle of attrition and i also remember getting my ass handed to me by the The Duke's Dear Freja..... I als remember being repeatedly killed when i first played the game and i remember rage quits due to being killed before lighting the bonfire. (starts sulking in a dark corner).
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    Happens to the best of us, Wallet. On a regular basis, for me at least
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