my gameplay and how i attempt to overcome no map

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though i would show you guys how i am 'coping' with no map,hv54WG7,VwfSs1v,45Oruaa,pEMNiTq,wokuQXa,pb8ZmR5,QZVn3jb,ZSIOPwK,nyZQ8Vl,r5Ou6ec,BO00UPq

set up my base in a sandy location so i could quarry it for road material


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    Guess we should make some kind of til, so we could just change the ground into some kind of "road" texture.
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    that would be great
    something with the texture of coble sand mix so it visible

    and something that you move faster on allowing you to explore more
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    Awesome road dude. My friends and I are replacing the ground with grass... since it turns into thatch. It slopes really nicely, and we got thousands of it. We also don't have to mine any extra of it, as when we dig out the ground, we end up getting the Thatch we need.

    Though, our roads only lead between the buildings we already have... which is like, four different locations all clumped close together. I mean, they're so close. You can see all of them from one end of camp, to the other, with short distance. lol.

    I should stop construction of the buildings around town, and send the workers out making paths out into the wilderness of middle-to-nowhere's ville. Though, we don't really need roads, as we pretty much have all the landscape mapped out in our mind. Giant tree + little clusters of nearby trees = Home. Mountain range = Don't explore. Sandy area = Nearby home, look for lots of clusters of trees, leading to little clusters of trees. There's pretty much a biiiig circle area we can circulate in without getting lost.

    I'm feeling resources need to be more wide-spread, as we just have WAAAY to much of everything. Except for bloody knapped rocks. I keep converting cobble into them... then we've got overloads of the other two. Then I sleep in a bed for free energy. Or eat from the mass-farm we have going that seems to never have any troubles. I want exploring to be more important... there's currently no reason for us to move away from our base, or to want a map, or actually make roads.

    Please, make maps a thing. But NOT MINECRAFT MAPS. I want maps that are a blank sheet of bark that you scribble on with a rock. And maybe later on with better tech... a little tablet with a chisel. MAYBE after that a nice piece of paper.... And then, with Steampower mod a mechanical map that has gears and little flutter things that makes it hover in front of you everywhere you walk! Then you can whistle at it and write down notes/scribble dem map.

    I just don't want auto-writing stuff. I want to hand off a tablet to a friend and say "Go map out the area." instead of saying "Go try and get just, and when you do, wander around until your icon appears on the map again ad then bring the map back to me."

    Rant. I rant. Sorry.
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