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Oh hey there everyone!

*looks around the room at everyone lurking*

Having a look through the data files after this 0.8.4 patch there's been a addition of three new variables.
UBPcraft, LBPcraft and XPcraft.
I also noticed at the top of the encumbrance script there's a primary stats table with UB, LB and TOR which within the comments is indicated as Upper Body, Lower Body, and Torso.
At the very least, I'm thinking this is the start of the slightly abstract layer of crafting. I'm imagining that a player's upper or lower body strength will been shown by their physical appearance and this will play into how well they can craft or whether they even can craft bigger/bronze age+ objects.

Thoughts, feelings, emotional outbursts?
8-) 8-) 8-)
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    Purely, amazing. I noticed those too, but didn't think that much into it. You know, that would be very cool if that's what they were planning! I do think they might be experimenting with encumbrance though... like, for the aging part. So when you become a teen you can carry more. I think it might just be a simple as that, even though we all wan much better, and WAAAY more amazing stuff, which will come come to us after al these simple placeholders are in place.

    Also, did anyone notice the new files for creatures? Corax... or something like that. There's two of them, actually. If you go into the image folder, you can see their textures there too! Don't try and spawn the bird one... unless you want to restart TUG. lol. But the other one spawns in perfectly awesome, and follows you around like an awesome pet should! It's so neat, ;) I couldn't figure out how to spawn the pink-version of it...

    I also noticed both creatures have the word "Co" in front of it. I only have one theory... and it might be "Corgi", meaning these are SMALL versions of what they're supposed to be! Corgi Goat/Bearram and Moa, anyone? ;)

    P.S. They said Bearrams are untamable... what if they made it so they could still breed with our domesticated animals anyway? Not by feeding them your surplus of food, of course... but if they came around on their own during the middle of the night, and you wake up to see your Goat is pregnant with a Goat/Bearram half-breed! Just throwing my thoughts around.

    *Walks away before off-subject becomes the only-subject*
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