Baskets, Stairs, Battle Axe, Sundial,Easter Basket....

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This is a first public release of these various models i have made. They all have recipes and such. There is Wood Basket, Bamboo Basket, Stone BattleAxe, Sundial Stand, Wood Stairs, Wood Stairs Corner, and an Easter Basket (Happy Easter!). The Stairs Corner may have some placement issues, I'm still working out the issues with that. The Easter Basket is a little off angle (like 45 deg off) when holding it in hand, so it's noticeable in 3rd person...You can also change the color of the basket by hitting the ground with it multiple times, as it uses the damage texture modifier to switch colors. There are Brown (starting) Pink and Blue variations. Please report any issues here...and feel free to make modifications for fixes and such and share them with me. Thanks! Enjoy, and Happy Easter!

You can view most all the models in the TUG Inspired renders thread. Model Renders Page

Special Thanks to - Johny Cilohokla and PixelDragon for helping with getting the models to work and with the recipes.

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    Thanks, DC! I'll load this up tonight and play around some! Awesome work, as usual my friend.
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    I tested all recipes for you, the Sundial had a wrong name of "Flat Rock" in the list and the Stone BattleAxe conflicted a bit with the Crude Axe. I fixed the name of Flat Rock and changed the recipe of the BattleAxe to "Crude Axe" + "Jagged Rock" (Axe rock) = Stone BattleAxe.

    EDIT: I removed the links since you updated your post :)
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    Thanks Pixel for fixing my crafting recipes and re-posting. I'll update when i get back in town.
    Well, you can't make a smoothie with it!

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