TUG Alpha 0.8.2 Patch Notes

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1.30.2015 Alpha Update
Hello everyone! We’re back from PAX South and back to more frequent updates!

It was a blast getting to meet people at PAX South and the game played really well for everyone who stopped by the booth. We noticed a few nagging issues during the event that we wanted to get a patch out for and that’s what you’ll find in this update.

Now that we have the first phase of multiplayer out, we’ll be shifting back into more content creation. We can’t wait to get you even more things to do in TUG!

Check out the list below for all the fixes and additions you can expect in this update. If you run into any issues not mentioned below, feel free to let us know on our forums or contact us [email protected].

If you feel the urge, send any best wishes, cyber hugs or well meanings to me on the twitters @X_Nekochu_X. Have fun and keep surviving out there on TUG!

-Torches now have a limited number of uses to light a Fire Pit or Furnace
-Gourd torch has been adjusted to work as a light source but not a fire based torch
-Adjustments made to the stalker spawn and the player’s starting position
-Crude tool repair recipe has been adjusted to work similar to the bronze tool repairs
-Bamboo Shaft can now be used in any recipe that formerly only used the Wood Shaft
-Small rocks no longer affect terrain
-Removed spacing check on growing items; still have a radius check to plant the initial seed

-The Esc key will now close the Inventory menu
-Terrain should finish generation until before the loading bar fills
-The sword applies a run speed buff again
-Creative Mode UI was not disabling when the UI Toggle was used
-Lua errors when a Client is in motion when a Server shuts down
-Thrown and stuck spears not saving
-Objects not being cleaned up properly when stacks were merged in the backpack
-Damage States for weapons/tools not showing up
-Gourd Torches making fire sounds
-Layers of voxels were generating too many times below ground
-Dropping a stack of seeds would consume a full stack of seeds for one plant
-Damage taken when starving was interrupting the eat animation
-Crude/Bronze Hoe were held too close to the head in first person view
-Fixed known bug where cells were not being saved in certain situations
-Addressed some saving corruption issues
-Proper sounds now play when you eat something
-Crude/Bronze Hoe now takes durability damage when farming
-Cached physics collision meshes are cleaned up with each new engine release to a player, which fixes certain items having offset physics and graphics meshes
-Tools and weapons now take damage from attacking other players
-Removed the “reload assets” key (default F5). Lua scripts can now be reloaded by leaving the game and reloading it. This also addresses some occasional graphics glitches that could sometimes be experienced
-Various minor fixes to the engine and gameplay have been addressed

Known Issues
-If you are unable to change your brush/block size, tap the Caps Lock key once.
-Any recipe crafted using the Bamboo Shaft in place of the wood shaft does not reflect the bamboo wood in the final result
-Cabbage trap never opens after growing to full size and does not trap anything
-Clients lose stamina while walking with a Sword in hand
-When full screen the gems on the volume slider bars cannot be grabbed with the mouse cursor
-Large items can get stuck in the player’s head when placed near a wall or in a low ceiling area


  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
    Auti0 wrote:
    Known Issues
    -If you are unable to change your brush/block size, tap the Caps Lock key once.

    8-) 8-) 8-)
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    Auti0 wrote:
    Known Issues
    -Large items can get stuck in the player’s head when placed near a wall or in a low ceiling area

    So... New hats? :D
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    If you call a bed or a workbench a hat...
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    Considering the size of the hat that Mumma Peg wore to my brother's wedding, I am gonna say that they are both acceptable as head wear.
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