How do *you* approach the world of TUG as a new seed?

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I've started noticing that when I create a new world, I seem to approach setting up my seed the same way most times. But of course, not everybody has the same priorities.

So, I'm curious: what's the first thing you do when you start a new game? Do you first make sure you have food? Or are tools your priority? Or maybe exploring, or weapons, or building, or...? After that, what do you do once you have that first need satisfied?


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    I usually head straight for items to start crafting tools with, and then when I have my basic set (axe, hammer, pick, shovel, some weapon) I go explore! :D

    I seem to do it the same way every time, as well.
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    I always start these kinds of games by getting tools together, then gathering basic materials and usually focus on a base location and building a base, I do the same method in similar games like Terraria and Don't Starve. I'm a terribly shit explorer and get frustrated at dying and losing items a lot.
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    Kill things. All the things
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    Kill things. All the things

    This made me chuckle.
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    First Goals: Axe, Pick, Torch, Bed, food.

    I don't have a specific order I tackle those in; it depends on what's nearby. I usually start with a hammer rock, and break a large rock with that to get the other rocks I need (and another hammer rock). I grab vines from whatever viney plants are nearby. Then I look for another large rock, because I'm going to break the hammer rock or the axe rock, or both, cutting down a tree to get my first handle--then it's an axe to cut down another tree for another handle for a pick, then another large rock for a second hammer rock to make a torch. Keep the poles and chopped wood from the two trees for a bed, and go looking for leaves. I pickup edibles on the way.

    However, on my third or fourth world-spawn, I discovered thornwood, which apparently weren't in the first couple of biomes I spawned in. Handles without chopping down trees; yay!

    But the details change according to the order. If I start out next to broadleaf plants, I'll use an axe rock or even a hammer rock on those first. (The wiki says they can be broken with hands. I've found this not to be true, but I don't know if it's all leafy things or just some of them.) If there's thornwood, I don't need to use up an axe rock to get that first handle; if there are saplings, I'll get a whole stack of poles and maybe make a spear before I build a bed.
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    I haven't played all that much yet, but my first world I spawned next to a large cat, which proceeded to eat me.. a few times.. until I exited and deleted that world... xD

    My next one I found a Hollow Oak Log in a forest with plenty of trees, bamboo, and other various vegetation, and decided that this log would be my new home. I proceeded to trawl the wiki for some basic crafting recipes, made an axe and a sword, and then surveyed and selectively thinned out the surroundings to make the minimal footprint in the process of making all the tools before starting to gather the wood I would need to make a floor and walls for my log house (during which time I also made a small farm of 2 melon vines and 2 apple trees) before braving out a little further for more resources to finish the project.

    I liked the area I spawned, and wanted it to stay looking the way it did, and found that I quickly became attached to the place, and anxious about leaving/losing my way back if I strayed too far - I have made a couple of longer trips and been overly relieved to find my way back. xD

    Not wanting to lose my place in my current world, I decided to make a second world to try making a treehouse in one of those huge desert trees (forget what they're called), so my second attempt I made short work of getting a hammer, axe, knife, and sword, then gathering a stack of vines, handles, shafts, chopped wood (stacked and planks), apples, and some stones and leaves before setting out to find one of those trees. I found one soon enough, spent quite some time making a start on the treehouse, then set out to find myself some pumpkins (I wanted to use their shells for storage containers), a wider variety of food, and some dirt for my intended garden... and now I have everything I was looking for, I can't find my way back.. I think I've spent 3 times as long as it took to initially find/build trying to get back.. XD
    (Curse my lack of foresight - choosing a spot surrounded by mountains, and not getting a screenshot of the co-ords before leaving.. xP)

    So essentially, partially due to my initial impression (and partially from my experiences in Minecraft), my priorities are to find a safe spot to build tools and a weapon before anything else, because with a crude sword in hand, I am unstoppable by anything but exhaustion (and food is easy to forage for)! >=D
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