0.8.1 Alpha Patch Notes

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Its been quite a while since we have brought a build off of indev and into the main branch, so this update is a really big deal for us. We have gone through quite a lot in the past several months, and it feels great being able to hit this milestone with the engine getting the first phase of multiplayer running, and letting all of you guys enjoy TUG with your friends *cough*.

We moved new terrain into the main branch, and its faster than its ever been. With that, we also have got some non blocky blocks within the world for various interactions in survivor and a bit of an overhaul on controls in creative mode, to allow you to scroll through shapes. Its all still a bit crude, but it will help get things done. This is a big step for us, but its nowhere near the last… lots of big stuff is still on the way.

A big chunk of our team is on their way to PAX South today, and setting up to show off some progress to the gaming community, so this is a big deal for us. With this milestone, we are also pushing that price increase we have been talking about for some time. But, to allow some last minute backers/contributors/buyers/people, we are putting the game on sale at the $19.99 price point (which means its gonna sit at $10 for a while). Not sure if we are going to do a price increase again… but as we did in this case, we will share those thoughts as soon as we know… it will all just come down to how far we can push this project.

Below, you can check out a descriptive list of things we’ve fixed and still need fixing. You will see some more focus on features and content with the next few updates, and the occasional hot fixes. And If you come across any errors, crashes, or weird instances that just don’t seem right, feel free to let us know on our forums or contact us [email protected].

As always send all your cuddles to me on the twitters @inoritewtf and any potential nerd rage to @joshuabrookover, hes one of our new engineers… and he needs a good hazing. Also, gratz to Cobell who was moved up from PM to Producer on TUG! (get a twitter already… GOSH).

New Features
-New Terrain Engine
-New UI System using CEGUI
-Expanded Mod capabilities
-Return Stone
-New AI Characters

Creative Mode
-Significantly changed controls


Menu functionality
-Creative Mode is now functioning and multiplayer ready
-Fixed several window focus issues
-Fixed some display errors with the Load Game and Delete Game menus
-UI Toggling should now work by default (without needing to rebind the key)
-Using the ‘h’ key to move your hand item into your backpack should now add that item into any available -stack
-The Debug console should now be disabled by default
-You can once again create copies of your saves and have them appear on the Load Game menus

-Fixed an error pop up with crafted Leaf Backpacks
-Stability updates when creating, leaving, or exiting a game
-Server’s entering the menus will not stop the processing of the game world
-Fixed an error pop up with the Return Stone being set and used when very far from other players
-Fixed a crash when a player tried to join a server where other players were actively digging and performing other actions

-Fixed the issue where generated objects could appear above and below the terrain
-Fixed an issue where the Sun was piercing through the distance fog and terrain
-Fixed some seams when altering terrain
-Fixed a some terrain desync issues
-Rock cannot be directly tilled

-Fixed issues where a Client’s hand item or Inventory overflow would appear at the Server’s location
-Fixed issue where Clients will see red lines at the base of characters showing where physics capsule is heading to
-Fixed an issue where consumable potions were consuming a charge when trying to place them
-When Clients die, their hand item does not drop at the Server’s position
-Players do not spawn in with the exact same head and headwear
-Removed the durability display for several objects that did not wear out on use
-Players should see other Players crouching properly now
-Player now has animation and sound when taking damage
-Quick swapping to another item while in Z placement will now exit the placement mode
-Fuel (in a Fire Pit and Stone Furnaces) should now save
-Fixed an issue with multiple death notices appearing
-Return Stone should save it’s return position correctly between game sessions
-The size of a voxel with a max stack count has been scaled small
-Sound plays correctly for the brown geyser and for a failed craft at the alchemy table
-Fixed an issue where spawn locations after using a bed were being reset

-Predators now again properly respect torches held in the player’s hand
-Spawn rate of Mushroom Man slightly increased

Fruit and Growables
-Generated trees should no longer have extra, duplicated fruit
-Plucked fruit should have proper icons
-Fixed an issue with growable plants and harvesting their fruit if it was still on the vine/tree
-Fixed an issue with growable plants not growing (during the day) if they were planted at night
-Growable plants should not have their growth states interrupted if you leave/resume the game before it has fully grown
-Adjusted the Cabbage Trap’s growth times

Engine Optimizations
-Greatly improved performance of Terrain
-Improved performance of Lua Scripts
-Minor performance improvements to Rendering

Work In Progress
-Multiple Creative Mode quickslot bars
-Cabbage Trap functionality
-Weapon Buffs
-Tool and Weapon damage states
-Particle FX on certain objects

Known Issues
-Some keybinds do not work unless you delete you user_config.txt file
-Sometimes you lose the ability to change the place/dig voxel size. Reloading into that world will fix it
-Single Player and Multiplayer names are different
-Single Player and Multiplayer maps are essentially the same. Single Player simply does not allow additional players to join.
-If Clients all join at the same time, the Server may lock up
-If the games crashes while the game saves, it can potentially damage that world save causing corrupted cell terrain data or user inventory.
-If you get a port is in use error when trying to run Single Player, another program is running in port 6600. -Free up that port, or start a Multiplayer game with a different port number
-Clients can get desynced from the Server causing objects and terrain modifications to not appear. When this occurs, reconnecting to the Server should fix the issue
-If a Server shuts down while Clients are still connected, the Clients may crash
-When returning to an area out of visual range or reloading a save, some objects may not load correctly. -Reloading the game should fix this; multiple reloads may be needed
-Torch FX is getting detached from the torch
-Sometimes objects will load in with no textures
-Goats can get stuck travelling to food far out of their normal range which may lead to many goats appearing in one location
-Cabbage Traps grow into a closed state
-Rarely objects will turn into another random object
-In Creative, going going full screen will shift the relative location of the quickslot bar and inventory
-Clients that crash may sometimes leave a body in the server


  • PixelDragon13PixelDragon13 REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 116 Seed
    Is this a full update or just another indev? I bought tug for $10 do I need to buy it again?


    edit: after reading this post several times, I now see its off of the indev :)
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  • ShadeeShadee REGISTERED, ADMINISTRATORS, Moderator, Developers Posts: 402 Seed
    @PixelDragon, nope, all updates are included, you won't need to buy the game again to get the latest revisions. :)
  • shurtugalshurtugal REGISTERED Posts: 1
    i love this update multiplayer is working good for me :)
  • LakkpoppLakkpopp REGISTERED Posts: 15 Seed
    Where can I report bugs???
  • PixelDragon13PixelDragon13 REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 116 Seed
    @Lakkpopp On the subforum called Bugs & ... (I forgot the other subject) I thought...
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  • Sorrox BluefieldSorrox Bluefield REGISTERED Posts: 70
    Its been a long time that I have been on here but just wanted to let you all know Love the new update! and 2 Thanks you all again for your hard work! Btw is this still in alpha or will it be going int to beta soon? Sorry if you guys of answered this question before just life happens and you how we can get busy sometimes xD
  • Captain MlarghCaptain Mlargh REGISTERED Posts: 6 Podling
    an observation I made while playing last night. The bug you list as voxel hand size locking. I had this a couple of times and flicking the capslock on and off seems to unfreeze it.. may of just been coincidence but thought I'd share
  • GhostGhost REGISTERED Posts: 74
    an observation I made while playing last night. The bug you list as voxel hand size locking. I had this a couple of times and flicking the capslock on and off seems to unfreeze it.. may of just been coincidence but thought I'd share

    Yup thanks for sharing that - We just discovered this yesterday as well that this was the cause.
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