PvE Survival servers?

SetariSetari REGISTERED Posts: 4
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Are there any good PvE survival servers running 24/7 out there?

I'd like to play with other people since the multiplayer update is out, and I just bought TUG.

Thanks for any replies.


  • Red AgliatorRed Agliator REGISTERED Posts: 307 Seed
    There are no persistent servers at all at the moment. People who want to do multiplayer do it by organizing a small group, choosing one of themselves to act as a server host, and setting up a time to log in together.

    Persistent servers are in TUG's future, but not easy to do yet.
  • SetariSetari REGISTERED Posts: 4
    Someone doesn't just keep their machine running while logged into a server? Or are there timeouts or...?
  • ZakeZake REGISTERED Posts: 216 Seed
    I'm sure someone could leave a server character logged in, but since TUG (especially multiplayer) is so unstable, I'm guessing it might not work unattended forever. Plus, not more than probably 5 people can be on at once, and even they ought to stay near spawn.

    That said, as limited and unstable as it is, it's not out of the question. It's simply a matter of nobody having taken it upon themselves to do it... yet. Remember, the TUG community is still rather small and new, so it'll probably be a while until we start seeing any kind of public server list. There are also probably a lot of us who open a game just to play with one or two friends. Maybe you can convince some friends to get together for a LAN party?

    Keep an ear to the ground though, one of us is likely to do an impromptu server party, at least for a few hours.
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  • SetariSetari REGISTERED Posts: 4
    Eh. okay thanks. Yeah as it is right now it'd probably be nice for a few hours of messing around near spawn then but nothing would probably be able to get too big unfortunately.

    I am glad I bought the game though for sure. I really hope development stays on track and updates keep getting pumped out.
  • PamcakesPamcakes REGISTERED Posts: 738
    I don't think it's optimized enough to be running for that long. I can go for about 4 hours until it starts getting chuggy for me.
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
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