InDev - Creative Mode, Biome selection?

Serial MMOistSerial MMOist REGISTERED Posts: 14
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Any chance we can select the Biome while inDev? I really want to build something but currently I require a Barren landscape biome.


  • Red AgliatorRed Agliator REGISTERED Posts: 307 Seed
    I've never tried to change the available biomes, but I do know where to find the (live version) files that control terrain generation. Assuming that you're using the default Steam install location:

    C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonTUGGameCoreDataGeneration

    I'd suggest backing up your save files before starting: I don't know whether opening an old game file with new generation settings will cause a problem.

    Good luck, and let us know if/how you get it working!
  • Serial MMOistSerial MMOist REGISTERED Posts: 14
    Thanks for the reply! What I am really looking for is using the nonblock building mechanics found on the InDev version on a basic flat barren green patch like they have in Live. I'm sure its coming soon (Pretty Please).

    I am really enjoying all the textures and items in the InDev build and I am hoping to use them for a build I have planned.
  • Rosette BravoRosette Bravo REGISTERED Posts: 1
    Ive been digging down with shovels through dirt and then at the gravel layer switching to picks. When I hit the rock under the gravel I am burning through picks rather fast but have not found any copper or coal. Any suggestions?
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  • NekochuNekochu REGISTERED Posts: 244 Developer
    Well not an easy method at the moment but if you look at the following file:

    C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonTUGGameCoreScriptsGenerationTestGenerator.lua

    There are a few lines at the top that you can adjust to get to flat world
    function TestGenerator:BuildTree()
    	-- Uncomment for flat generation
    	-- local cliffNoise = self:Multiply(self:Add(self:Simplex((2.0 / 64.0) / 4.0, 8), self:Constant(1.0)), self:Constant(1.0))
    	-- local flatCliffs = self:Terrace(cliffNoise)
    	-- flatCliffs:NKAddControlPoint(1)
    	-- return flatCliffs, self:Material("Green Hills")
    	-- The main world generator, comment out for flat generation
    	local TUGWorld =
    	return TUGWorld

    You'll just need to uncomment the top section and comment out the current generation and this will give you an all flat terrain.
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