any old NWN Modders remember CEP? ( unifying mod structure )

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You know, what was great about nwn was the community that grew from it.
one of the best things was the Community Expansion Pack (CEP)
I would like to see, the community of modders try and work together to achieve something like this I think it would be great.
Part of the problem with minecraft mods is that so many conflict with others, and if folks take a page from gaming history and look at what works, then it will be easier to maintain an environment that lets folks mod without losing anything to another mod thats used similar code.

So, I think, folks ( what know more about the lua scripts than I do ) should come up with some suggested modding structures to prevent overlap.

For example; when coding in models in minecraft people were using a numbering system which often left one texture overlapping.
So here is what I am thinking;

Lets use me as an example and say I created a new set of creatures.
If I simply named the files 01 02 03 there would be a massive conflict.
If I name them with hj_animal_01 instead ( HJ for Hoppa Joel ) its less likely another Modder will do the same naming structure and conflict.
perhaps a project abbreviation and creator initials also could work even further.
Project " Hoppa's Monster Pack" so HMP_HJ_Animal_01 would definitely slow down conflicts, even if you had another person helping out, ( someone named Bob Smith as an example ) he could still do HMP_BS_Animal_01 and not conflict with my name.

Just some thoughts, which I think might help the modding community out, what do you think about this?


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    Also as a additional thought;
    suppose your recipe you are modding is something simple;
    leather strips + wood handle + leaf = sling shot.
    Now suppose another modder has
    leather strips + wood handle + leaf = pouch.

    Te recipe should have a catalyst of sorts to start the procedure.

    For example slingshot could only be made if a knife is held.
    While pouch might be made only with say a new item "bone needle" which you'd have to make from a bone a knife and on a table or something.
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    I third this.

    I used to help CTP. I helped fix wiremesh issues when they were initially making v1 of the tileset pack.

    Having a mod structure would be highly recommended. It's a hassle to say the least way back in the NWN years to merge 2da's.

    Seriously, it's Faroese for Calm Water. - StilleVande
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    I agree. I've already recognized that, my quick solution was to name everything things like ZakeStone, ZakeBees, etc. But I totally agree that as a rule we should avoid common names.

    I'd also like to avoid repeats of items, like in minecraft you can have six different copper ores. I believe JohnnyCilohokla is working on that with his CommonLib.
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