0.6.5. Alpha Patch Notes

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Another day another update. Finally coming out of the stone age… maybe we will be less a caveman simulation now *cough*. It’s our first step to advancing an age in TUG with crafting and a few additional bits, along with an adorable, and also very annoying little surprise.

- Bronze weapons and tools
- Surprise!
- Metallurgy set with a Furnace, Bellows, Sandcast Mold, and Stone Anvil
- New Ores that can be combined to make bronze
- Updated textures to the predator

- Ores set up to generate from certain rock materials
- Material drops from terrain and trees adjusted to match new block digging sizes
- Updates to the predator behavior, it now fears campfires and hunts other critters
- New recipes added for all bronze tools and new tables (Bellows, Sandcast Mold & Stone Anvil)
- Existing tables also received new recipes in line with the new age of tools
- Repair and deconstructing recipes added for bronze tools
- Rock heads for crude tools have a chance of dropping from terrain materials

- You can now dig/place voxel blocks in two different sizes. You can now place/dig a 2x2x2 cube. The 1 voxel cube size can still be used. Holding down the Shift key + scrolling with the mouse scroll wheel will shift between the sizes.

Eternus API
- Modders now have the ability to register and create their own slash commands. RegisterSlashCommand(“command”, “functionToCall”). Arguments are passed over as a table. See Survival:TargetInfoCommand function for an example!
- New function on game objects NKIsInWorld(), a simple query to find out if a given object is in the world or not.

Known Issues
- Proving Grounds has been temporarily disabled.
- Multiplayer has been temporarily disabled while we revamp that whole system.
- Fruits have durability bars
- When a fruit is held in your hand, the voxel cube outline for a tool appears.
- Thrown (not dropped) spears stuck in the world aren’t saving properly
- Critters don’t save their positions between game sessions
- Critters love to get stuck on the terrain and other objects.
- The location to harvest Critter bodies tend to be slightly lower near their feet. When looking at the correct spot, the menu pop up will appear.
- Can place items (right click or Q) through voxels if you are too close to the voxel.
- When (right-click) placing a Vine Fence, it places inside of the player.
- The game can crash on exit.
- Sometimes when resuming the game, the same sounds will play
- Weapon/Tools placed in the environment return to full durability between game sessions
- The shovel’s animation is not playing correctly. The shovel can still be used to dig.
- When digging voxels, sometimes their collision will remain there.
- Curved (partial-voxel) surfaces cannot be destroyed at certain angles.
- Sometimes grass billboards can pop out of seemingly fully tilled dirt. This is due to an error with the blending; tilling each area around that billboard should remove the grass.
- 3rd Person camera not fully functional; interactions are not working correctly; use only for viewing the seed.
- The sprint key (Left Shift) cannot be rebound.
- Can’t bind the Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons


  • UnjustCustosUnjustCustos REGISTERED Posts: 39
    Looks like I'm getting a lot more resources. Especially loving getting more wood when transmuting chopped wood. Now I can finally finish my house, thanks.
  • kavixkavix REGISTERED Posts: 1
    dear god "Surprise" is right... im not sure what to think of that, it scared the @%^# out of me at first.
    definitly a nice addition though keep up the good work guys
  • PixelDragon13PixelDragon13 REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 116 Seed
    Haha, I love the Suprise! Great work!
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  • UnjustCustosUnjustCustos REGISTERED Posts: 39
    No thread Necro. I thought we got another update. Pixel, I blame you for my crushed dreams.
  • RinRin REGISTERED Posts: 668 Seed
    WHY I AUGHTA! custos, i thought we had another update cause i saw you post! :twisted:
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  • arjent366arjent366 REGISTERED Posts: 1
    the main thing i'm waiting for is for multiplayer it's the main intrest for me but i am enjoying the alchemy and smithing a fair bit
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