Separate keys for "action" and "pickup" ?

TcheyTchey REGISTERED Posts: 17 Seed
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I find myself very often using my hand instead of picking up something, because it's moving or i miss my target. Mostly it happens with rolling stuff like sticks, or small sobjects like handle.

When my hand is empty, it's not a big deal. When i have a tool, i usually destroy the floor behind the object i want to pick up.

OK i could be more carefull, and overall it's not happening a lot, but still, it happens.

I would like a different key to pick up objects (and the ability to change that key), like in many other games where "Action" and "Pickup" are separate. Also, keep the option to have one key, for those who like it.


  • reedooreedoo REGISTERED Posts: 151 Seed
    I do this all the time. It is actually a bit annoying. It happens to me a lot more with objects whose 'pick up area' does not actually match their in-game graphics area. Maybe one suggestion might be a 'pick up all' key - this would be especially handy when you are basically mass-mining/foraging.
  • ElfElf REGISTERED Posts: 75 Seed
    Yes yes please.

    I can't count how many times I've accidentally hit the ground with my axe because I was trying to grab a branch that started rolling, and how many times I've eaten food when not hungry after gathering it, because I grabbed for the next one and missed. "Grab" and "Use object in hand" need to be separable.
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