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So I thought I'd contribute some feelings I've had while playing the game.

I've been playing on a persistent world for perhaps a month on the Indev branch. My computer has a 1080p display and decent graphics, processor, etc, but it's a laptop so not the best. I tend to run TUG on low graphics quality and small to medium render distance.

When I first started playing, I built myself a wood platform to put my stuff on. On the next hill away was an orange tree which was one of my primary sources of food. That tree seemed far off, basically on the edge of how far I was willing to venture at the time, since my home was hard to see from far away.

I eventually got adventurous enough to venture to the base of a mountain near my home and build a mine, approximately 100 voxels away. I was feeling more comfortable at this point and was able to venture that far from home while maintaining my sense of direction.

More recently I've had to switch to a 1280x720 projector due to my screen breaking. Since there are so many fewer pixels, my laptop can run at a much higher frame rate. While in the past, things like jumping and running felt awkward and disconnecting (almost like I was on the moon sometimes), now I feel faster and more comfortable. I'm also able to run the game at a far render distance. I've ventured out of sight from home to do some exploring and deforestation, though I'm betting I've still never been more than 200-300 voxels away from home.

I think it's interesting, as I become more comfortable with the game, how my perception of distance in the world has changed. That orange tree now feels (and is) right next to my house, while my wood harvesting area feels far off but not at the limits of where I'd be willing to go. Also it's interesting how a boost in performance can make a huge difference in the level of immersion.

Hope this helps with understanding how we feel when we play. I encourage everyone to share their own experiences and how they change as they "grow up" in their gameplay.
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    I think it they made a meta-data map overlay of how far and where people explore and forage based off where they started (loaded) and where they set up base - you'd see a very consistent uniform circular pattern.

    I actually do all my foraging in the day - the extreme darkness at night really impedes me and I just ensure I am on my way back by the twilight portion of the evening when it starts to get poor lighting. I'd be interested to know if people explore or forage much in the night - I know I don't.
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