TUG InDev Update 11/7/2014

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  • Added optimizations to generation
  • Added Cats with Cubs
  • Cub flee and follow AI added to the game
  • Optimized existing AI scripts for multiplayer
  • Fixed alchemy conversion recipe for forked sticks
  • Clamped the size of the max stack of voxel clump objects

Work In Progress
  • Testing new AIs


  • Temporarily removed encumbrance calculations; you’re welcome reedoo
  • Added alchemy recipe to convert leaves into vines
  • Adjusted stack sizes for all objects
  • Adjusted placement rules for tables and large decor items
  • Seeds are now edible as well as can be planted
  • Adjusted planting rules for seeds to ignore “Vegetation” category of items
  • Increased durability values for all tools
  • Mysterious changes to the Mushroom Man
  • Added crude tool rock drops from boulders

Work In Progress
  • Testing Cats & Cubs AI
  • Starting work for more AI creatures
  • Investigating saves corrupting if you create a new game while currently in a world


  • Fixed a rare crash when travelling across terrain
  • Fixed a crash with fully grown cabbage traps crashing games on load
  • Fixed an issue with fruit fruit trees over-producing fruit

Work In Progress
  • Looking into Encumbrance
  • Adjusting Day/Night Cycles
  • Rebalance of tool durability values


Ahoy, all! Our last update was a bit drab, but thankfully this update brings progress and signs of some potentially amazing news for our team and this project at large.

We are FINALLY getting new terrain into the in-dev branch release, and its got hawt digging action… with NOT SHARP EDGED SQUARE BLOCKS… OMG WE DID IT, ITS DONE, IM OUT *drops mic*... also, there is other stuff!

Its a fairly exciting milestone, being that the world is now more unique, and its a big step towards getting networking done. Actually, its the next step in getting networking done, which means multiplayer is almost here! Now you can help your friends, or steal stuff from them when they aren’t looking. Good times…

When we sent out the message/update/reddit/forum post to you all, we had OVERWHELMING positive feedback and many of you offering to give us more money to help us along… some even recommending another kickstarter. All awesome thoughts and really powerful things were said to us that helped inspire us to keep pushing on this. So thank you…

What was NOT expected, however, was a fist full of outside investors and gaming entities that were interested in stepping in to help us continue this project and help us keep our independence. Something we did NOT see coming, but was and has been very exciting. We are currently working on the details of one or two things, and its POSSIBLE we may have some good news soon. We cannot say for sure what will happen, but it's looking fairly positive so far.

Of course, since we are all about sharing bad news, we sure as heck are going to be sharing good news, as soon as it comes in.

Keep on tuggin! *cough*

- Ino

  • Lighting changes create more pronounced normal maps
  • Changes to shadows and light levels at night
  • Cabbage Trap can now be harvested to make an actual trap plant
  • Updated normal maps and texture fixes for trees and rocks
  • Updated several terrain textures
  • A new surprise!
  • Return stone

  • Alchemy table
  • Crystals and Spires now generate in the world and can be harvested
  • Several transmutation recipes have been added
  • The mushroom man’s spawn frequency has been adjust down slightly
  • The mushroom man’s sound effects should play less frequently
  • The mushroom man shouldn’t place multiple mushrooms in the same place anymore.
  • Bronze tools can now break Crafting Stones and Stumps
  • Adjusted resource density and frequency
  • New placement shapes for blocks; soft soils place in a sphere shape, natural blocks place in a rounded cube shape and refined materials place in a cube shape
  • Tools now carve differently; picks carve in a rounded cube shape, Hammers & Axes carve in a cube shape, Shovels carve in a sphere shape

  • Encumbrance
  • New Terrain engine
  • Increased visibility range

Known Issues
  • Proving Grounds has been temporarily disabled.
  • Multiplayer has been temporarily disabled while we continue to work on that whole system.
  • In the same game session, if you are in a world and you create a separate new world, loading back into the first world will corrupt the terrain data of that save
  • Sometimes after you are teleported (from death or using the return stone), if you are moving before the terrain loads, you will be trapped underneath terrain
  • For sharp edged cube voxels, any blocks that touch only on one edge will display large black-colored textures
  • Sometimes when placing the smallest voxel size, the voxel may appear off to the side of the intended target
  • Some shaped voxel “blocks” do not conform to the size and position of the preview box
  • The curved terrain can obscure the preview box
  • Placed voxel blocks have stretched textures
  • Placing and removing voxel blocks can cause seams to appear in the terrain
  • When digging into billboarded voxels (like grass), the billboards do not appear in the game sessions, but they will reappear when you reload the save
  • Encumbrance values transfer when you load between different save games
  • Cannot rotate objects when in the ‘Z’ placement mode
  • Many FX such as flames on torches can stop displaying
  • A multicolored outline can appear when loading into a game
  • Many objects are being placed slightly above and below the terrain
  • Hit detection with melee weapons against Predators and Prey can be off
  • Fruit dropped from trees are not despawning correctly which can lead to a over abundance of fruit
  • Fruits have durability bars
  • When a fruit is held in your hand, the voxel cube outline for a tool appears.
  • Thrown (not dropped) spears stuck in the world aren’t saving properly
  • Critters don’t save their positions between game sessions
  • Critters can still get stuck on the terrain and other objects.
  • The location to harvest Critter bodies tend to be slightly lower near their feet. When looking at the correct spot, the menu pop up will appear.
  • Can place items (right click or Q) through voxels if you are too close to the voxel.
  • When (right-click) placing a Vine Fence, it places inside of the player.
  • The game can crash on exit.
  • Sometimes when resuming the game, the same sounds will play
  • Weapon/Tools placed in the environment return to full durability between game sessions
  • When digging voxels, sometimes their collision will remain there.
  • Sometimes grass billboards can pop out of seemingly fully tilled dirt. This is due to an error with the blending; tilling each area around that billboard should remove the grass.
  • 3rd Person camera not fully functional; interactions are not working correctly; use only for viewing the seed.
  • The sprint key (Left Shift) cannot be rebound.
  • Can’t bind the Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons
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  • TheNirlTheNirl REGISTERED Posts: 46
    Ok, first of all, I am really happy. Now bring Meryl back, I want more runes. Like, right now. Ok? Ok.
    Second, what is this about changing shadows and light levels at night? They looked pretty much perfect. Hope you're not taking away from glowyness of the glowy stuffs!
    Third, great that we can already interact with crystals!
    Fourth, da hell's a spire?
    Fifth: return stone = yay.

    Good job! Moar please!
  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
    more news!
    *shirt sleeve nibbling intensifies*
    Programmer, designer, artist.
  • reedooreedoo REGISTERED Posts: 151 Seed
    Nekochu wrote:

    Work In Progress
    • [strike]Looking into[/strike]Removing Encumbrance

  • NekochuNekochu REGISTERED Posts: 244 Developer
    Updated on 11/7/2014
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  • PamcakesPamcakes REGISTERED Posts: 738
    Hmm. I don't know what it is, but this indev update lags like crazy for me. The last one ran smoothly.
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • mercormercor REGISTERED Posts: 64 Seed
    When switching between normal and indev modes, it always seems to switch all the video configs back to defaults. I always end up wondering why it feels so laggy, yet so much better looking, before I remember to change back to lower settings :P
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  • CragrimCragrim REGISTERED Posts: 44
    Setting shadows quality to off works wonders.
    After that I have 60 fps (max) on my desktop unless the game is loading new assets.
    Unfortunately it's not as pretty anymore.

    By the way changing view distance doesn't appear to have any effect for me in the latest version.
    If I set it and restart it always says "Custom" and nothing is changed. DxDiag
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  • reedooreedoo REGISTERED Posts: 151 Seed
    Nekochu wrote:
    [*]Temporarily removed encumbrance calculations; you’re welcome reedoo[/*]

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