What is your favorite wear and would you wear it in TUG?

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I personally prefer a pretty dress IRL, but I think that it would look very awkward on a seed, and if I should be in-character(CEO of Cog Conglomerate) it would maybe suit me better with a formal suit of some kind.

What about you? What is your favorite wear and would you wear it in TUG?


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    Light cloth, kinda expensive looking.
    When Im not running the Empire however, I hope to be clad in furs and adventuring and hunting tundras that would freeze unprepared players in matter of seconds. I mean... Its not really "Survival" unless other people are dieing, right?

    And needles to say, aint no way Id wear that in real life. Unless it was at gamescom or something XD
  • glitch2210glitch2210 REGISTERED Posts: 311
    finely cut pants and shirt probably with a vest as well, and a half jacket, half cloak thing with a hood. and pockets and pouches! lots of pockets and Pouches xD

  • Red AgliatorRed Agliator REGISTERED Posts: 307 Seed
    No way would I wear my ordinary clothes in a game. My daily wear is all practical (rainwear, layers, sturdy shoes), and my fancy stuff is pretty urban. Like books and art, I want to be someplace different (someone different) in my games.

    The current TUG clothing style is just about perfect for me: clothing made out of local materials, not much sewing, colorful decorative shapes. Personally, I also want some natural-material rainwear and hats. Something like:
    Oh, and lots of ways to get swaths of flowy fabric. Voluminous clothing and dangles might be impractical IRL as wilderness wear, but that's the great thing about games!
  • AstridAstrid REGISTERED Posts: 6
    Wouldnt mind haveing some clothings to allow me blend into my sourroundings and be decently comfortable.
    Plant fiber cloth anyone? :P
  • TestamentofTestamentof REGISTERED Posts: 1,234 Seed
    I will wear a clothing illusion AND NOTHING ELSE, MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!
    The Machine is on....


  • CragrimCragrim REGISTERED Posts: 44
    A Hard hat. :P

    But I feel that plastic would be non-canon and pretty out of place in Tug.
    A wooden hard hat would just look like a wooden bowl for soup... hm that would look pretty funny actually

    That made me think of wearing a saucepan hat...
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    Google has aided me with this:
    "All things must come to an end." "I am but one of many." "Why? Why not!"
  • reedooreedoo REGISTERED Posts: 151 Seed
    I personally wouldn't want TUG to move away from it's survivalist nature-style roots. It would just be weird - plus if they are going to encourage open modding - I suppose people will mod weird stuff and port it into the game.

    I would like to see craftable clothing - which fits along with the current tribal feel of TUG. But I would also like to see not just the base gear - and functional gear, but also more colourful gear. Most tribes always had hyper colourful wear for events and celebrations and stuff.

    Craftable items like this would be fun to have in game:

    Peacocking is so ingrained with humans - tribes or modern day.
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