Twitch Livestream with the GodlySloth

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Hello everyone! I'm super glad that you stopped by to read this lonely little post. I'm beginning a live-stream and our first day on the air happens to be today at 3:15 EST!

Mostly I will be playing TUG but I might switch if there is enough demand.

Here my good friends, is the link!

Thanks again for reading the post and I hope you will enjoy the stream!



  • RumbeardRumbeard REGISTERED Posts: 30 Seed
    Cool! hope it went well, sorry I missed it. Give us a heads-up on your next stream!
  • ZakeZake REGISTERED Posts: 216 Seed
    If you can give a day or so heads up I might be able to join (if I'm not busy).

    Gosh I qualified that a lot...
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