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Hey all,

A few days ago, I made a post on our Tumblr account regarding my process for creating art assets. It's more the technical side of asset creation, and if you're interested you can check it out here:

Let me know what you think, or if there area any questions regarding that process!

Tug on!


  • TestamentofTestamentof REGISTERED Posts: 1,234 Seed
    Hrmmm, I'm seriously reconsidering modding now... maybe when I have less on my plate...
    The Machine is on....


  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel REGISTERED Posts: 191 Seed
    Hi Rik :)
    is there an "easy mode" type 3d program out there?
    I am an artist, who's never delved into 3d art much past some background scenes with Bryce way back in the day.
    Years ago I got a demo version of a 3d program and found it overwhelming and never went back to try it much again.
    I've done reskins and other things for games like NWN, and so on, but never the actual 3d models.
  • SkittlesSkittles REGISTERED, Developers Posts: 44 Developer
    Hey Hoppa, not sure when Rik will get a chance to respond, but since I saw this now and as someone that got into 3D back just after Y2K, I can possibly give a few answers.

    Easy 3D program? are you look for all programs or just freeware type. Unfortunately I can't give you any help on the freeware ones, I haven't given them much of a try. But I believe with how crucial the internet is nowadays, you can pretty much go look up "3d modeling 101/basics/getting started/etc" and get a lot of information... probably best to also put in whichever program you plan to learn in. Programs like Maya and 3DS max are indeed overwhelming when you first get in, but until you get fairly advanced, there actually isn't a whole lot of different windows and tabs you'll be using... this is again where tutorials will be your friend. But just like anything, it will take time, it will take patience, and you will end up feeling like your spinning your wheels, that is the life of any person wanting to do anything art related. I find the best way to counter that for me, is compare yourself to what you'd done... say... last month, last year, five years ago... If you get good at something, don't let it become a crutch to where you only do that, break free and do other things, but when you start to lose faith in yourself, grab that crutch and boost yourself back up again : ) .

    Good luck with your learning, and look forward to seeing more art asset mods by you in the future!
  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel REGISTERED Posts: 191 Seed
    Thanks, :)
    I think the worst part with the big name programs like Maya and 3ds was the massive amount of lag I had when i tried to use them. ( not to mention they just weren't user friendly like Bryce was, although, Bryce had no modelling option ) When I tried them both, ( demos ) was roughly 14 years ago, and my computer then wasn't great so you can imagine the frustration.

    I would love to see a sketch artist, or classical painter type build a 3d model maker. ( this is where we always seem to hit a wall though hehe )
    You have your artists with limited programming, that cannot make the program they'd love to see, and your programmers with limited art needs understanding. The programmers will build something that is great perfectly functional, and totally foreign to an Artist... hehehehe..

    As for programs, I of course would love free ware, but I am willing to spend a bit when needed.
    Though I am not one that makes a lot of money.

    there was a program years ago that was in beta ( cant remember it ) which was really simple, you could start with a ball or block, push or pull the wire mesh and paint on it, mirror one side and so on... but I cant remember it at all, now.
    Something like that which would allow you to reduce polygon count for final image/object would be nice, as long as it would be something I could create a new model with.

    3d axis type editing x y and z coords and numbers and so on just make my brain hurt *chuckles*
  • TeddyTeddy REGISTERED Posts: 30 Seed
    Hello Hoppa! Have you ever tried using Blender 3D ?
  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel REGISTERED Posts: 191 Seed
    No I dont think so,
    I will look it up! :)
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