I got the most luckiest of spawns!

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There was bamboo, so many flat places for farming, so many berry bushes and fruit trees, and there was a hollow oak log right at spawn!
This is the home that I made:
And as I like a nice mess, I made one :lol:

So, any of you gotten any lucky spawns too? Please tell!

Have a nice day!


  • UnjustCustosUnjustCustos REGISTERED Posts: 39
    Lucky indeed. That last half-dozen spawns I did had me believing I was in an Arizona desert surrounded by stair-step mountains.
  • TheNirlTheNirl REGISTERED Posts: 46
    At this stage of development, I think there are more opportunities in a migrant than a sedentary lifestyle... that being said, I haven't spawned in such a rich area yet =P
  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel REGISTERED Posts: 191 Seed
    I found a hollow tree with a ancient table inside it, while over the top of it, is one of those giant four rooted cypress trees.

    I did some traveling when I ran into this ( I was chasing one of the little mushroom sprites hehe )
    But i decided it was an ideal spot to start building.
    I have Bamboo, and Aspen and Oak near by, some flat land enough to garden on ( 3 apple trees planted )

    I was pretty pleased finding this one!
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