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(Please note this is still very WIP and is subject to change)


"Where Magic fails, and science cannot reach the only answer is to combine both, into something new, something more powerful. We Of The MSI aim to find ways to have Magic and Science work in harmony for greater power."

The Mechanical Soul Institute was founded with the goal of reaching that which lays beyond Magic and Sciences reach, and aims to do so by researching different ways of having the Magical system and the Technological system coexist and work together in harmony. We plan on being a mostly independent Institution but we have nothing against making research sharing or other agreements with other organizations or empires.

Our research will take place mainly in the central area of the institute which will have housing/activities for the researchers as well as top quality study areas. The people that shall occupy said areas are the following (Subject to change):

Council: -> The Council is composed of researchers that have proved themselves interested and apt at managing and leading the organization. One cannot apply to be council as they shall be chosen for the position as time goes on. In the beginning the Council will not be formed yet, after I pick enough people for the Council then it will go into work.

General Researchers -> Responsible for studying the behavior of Technology and Magic when united in different forms as well as helping research specific technologies

Specific Researchers -> Responsible for studying more specialized fields in either science or magic.

Refined Researchers -> Responsible for taking the studies made by the other 2 study fields and refining them into a optimal state before being officialized, documented, and stored within the MSI Database.

Security -> Responsible for dealing with both protecting the MSI, aswell as identifying highly risky researches and dealing with the security standards in them.

Trades & other relations -> Responsible with the Institutes interactions with other organizations and monetary activities.

If you wish to join the group, or have any questions, feel free to respond to the topic. :3

To Join Simply post your Name, and The position you want to take.


  • Red AgliatorRed Agliator REGISTERED Posts: 307 Seed
    A group for researchers, I love it! (That's my natural playstyle, though I don't know whether I'll join.)

    Have you considered whether researchers are expected to be researching only in-game? Or will they also be bringing out-of-game knowledge into the group? (One example: when new techs/magic are added, are the researchers expected to avoid the wiki for a week?)
  • TeddyTeddy REGISTERED Posts: 30 Seed
    Hmmm... I haven't thought that to much yet, i'll probably have to do some thinking related to that, and if you ever feel like joining feel free too!
  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    Hmm this seems to be similar to that thoughts of the overseers you might want it get in contact with them. Anyway I have always liked this approach of science and magic. Hint hint Xander Labs. Anyway good job! :)
  • ZekloZeklo REGISTERED Posts: 344 Seed
    Sounds pretty neat. Good luck!
    "All things must come to an end." "I am but one of many." "Why? Why not!"
  • CogCog REGISTERED Posts: 110 Seed
    This seems like a money-craving practice, so if you need any funding/a sponsor, just talk with us as Cog Conglomerate, we'll gladly help with the funding!

    Have a nice day!
  • PraefectusPraefectus REGISTERED Posts: 22
    Hmm I see that is a very interesting post. I like the picture btw. So I am here to offer some sort of agreement between both of our groups as we both seem to be some of the newest magic/steampunk groups. Both of our thoughts on magic and science seem to be similar. My thoughts were that we (The Overseers) could help provide some help in making sure there is order between both magic and science. Well anyway if you don't want to post it here you can PM me.
  • ZekloZeklo REGISTERED Posts: 344 Seed
    Oh actually I showed this somewhere else, but seeing how this is a magic & science clan...
    It was a cool google image result I found and well, it has some what relevance here.
    "All things must come to an end." "I am but one of many." "Why? Why not!"
  • glitch2210glitch2210 REGISTERED Posts: 311
    Love the IDEA xD if you guys want a place to guild some research stuff your more then welcome in HUB!

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