Survivors of the Euphrates

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As the once-great vessel plunged through the atmosphere towards an alien world, all seemed lost. The Euphrates was a CS-100 class cityship, never designed for atmospheric encounters. And yet, they had no choice but to do just that. As the massive hull broke through the upper layers of the stratosphere, massive pieces were ripped from the outer hull. *ALL CIVILIANS TO EMERGENCY QUARTERS. REPEAT. ALL CIVILIANS TO EMERGENCY QUARTERS.* The alarm sounded again, although more urgently than it had when they came under attack. As the civilians raced towards the innermost section of the ship, the guards and soldiers stationed inside of the Euphrates tried to secure a safe path to the reactor core, which had been taken over by enemy boarding parties.

The ship was now entering the denser layers of the atmosphere, and the friction of fhe surrounding air created an immense fireball which engulfed the ship. There was no stopping their descent now. The soldiers were ordered to seal all the blast doors and retreat into the inner sections of the ship.

"What about the reactor?!" Shouted one soldier. "Forget it, just seal the door!" another shouted back. As they ran into the saferoom, they felt the ship sway and twist. Suddenly, a massive grinding noise was heard, as the entire ship vibrated. Everything went dark, and silent. You could just barely hear the sound of air rushing past the hull from inside the saferoom, but they knew that the ship had been severed in half, and the reactor was in the other piece. With no power, the forward half of the ship and all of the survivors inside plunged towards near-certain destruction.

*BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT* a loud noise echoed through the ship, one similar to that of a thousand marbles being dropped onto a stone floor simultaneously, albeit ear-splittingly loud. The forward section of the ship came to a screeching halt, and leveled out. As the inhabitants tried to figure out what was going on, an old yet harsh voice rang out over the communication devices of every soldier inside. "You are worthless to us."

And then the noise stopped, and the ship fell again. Within mere seconds, everyone was thrown against the wall as the bow section landed sideways on top of what at first felt like ground, however was quickly found out to in fact be a very deep lake. In the minutes that followed, everyone attempted to climb to the top of the ship, leaving behind all their belongings in a mad dash along what were once the walls of a ship deemed too powerful to ever be taken down. As they began to swim ashore, the few survivors, a handfull of soldiers and civilians of all types and backgrounds were huddled around a single piece of burning wreckage, trying to get dry. It was then that they noticed that hardly any of the people inside the compartments had made it ashore, and suddenly the reality of the situation was made quite clear- they were stranded on an alien world, with nothing left of their old lives but the clothes on their backs. "They left us here to die? Who could do such a thing?" said one survivor, although no response was made, as everyone was still trying to grasp the situation at hand.


Hello, I am FlyingDebris, and I come from a different community around a game called StarMade, which, as you may have guessed, is a game about spaceships. And blocks. And the Euphrates is in reality nowhere near complete. BUT MOVING ON, I am hoping to establish a faction of very diverse individuals brought together under the common goal of enslaving the native seedli--- I mean, making friends with those around us. Yeah.

The application process is simple, just state a bit of background lore about your person.

Ex- I am Dr. Philip, I was born on Pragni-VI, studied biotechnical engineering and neural quantum theory at the University of Pragni, escaped the alien assault on the planet in a small ship, and was working on biotech research for the Navy when the Euphrates came under attack.
Happy hunting~


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    Interesting concept. Not sure how well sci-fi stuff will mix with TUGm but we'll see! Good luck, sir!
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    ok first off loved the story, very entertaining to read. =)

    second i like the concept of being stranded survivors like that, if nothing else it would be fun to RP.

  • FlyingDebrisFlyingDebris REGISTERED Posts: 45 Seed
    Hmm, I did a think, and I think that if people show enough interest in the faction, we may "reestablish communications" with the former ground branch of my other faction, and go full fledged nation.
    Happy hunting~
  • mmaalex22112mmaalex22112 REGISTERED Posts: 171 Seed
    The Xandertopian Empire has an interest In some of the "technology" from your ship. We would also be willing to help you "establish communication" with your home residence.
    Sincerely, Lord Alexander

    Ps: the backstory you wrote was very enjoyable.
  • FlyingDebrisFlyingDebris REGISTERED Posts: 45 Seed
    Well, we have the technical knowledge, but we lack the resources or machinery to put any of that to work. On the other hand, would you stone-age simpletons like to learn about orbital bombardment technuqies or hyperflux coil thrust technology?
    Happy hunting~
  • FlyingDebrisFlyingDebris REGISTERED Posts: 45 Seed
    *looks down*

    *looks back up*

    On second thought, how about we start with the concept of pants first?
    Happy hunting~
  • RinRin REGISTERED Posts: 668 Seed
    pants? are they cat and goat meat seared in a fire and then put into a gourd as filling? i like pants. very juicy pants are.
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  • FlyingDebrisFlyingDebris REGISTERED Posts: 45 Seed
    Where we come from, there's bacon involved.

    Also, I'm considering not using this as a faction and just turning it into a story while having an actual faction wait until multiplayer is up and running. I dunno, I'll see what happens.
    Happy hunting~
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