Launcher Update

Auti0Auti0 REGISTERED Posts: 277
edited September 2014 in News & Updates
Hey everyone. I ended up breaking the launcher's ability to self-update in the last launcher update. 8-)

To get the latest version you will have to download and run the installer from the accounts page again.

I removed the annoying 2012 redistributable installer, fixed the progress bar, and just did a general clean up of the code itself (Nothing major).

I apologize for the inconvience. :oops:


  • glitch2210glitch2210 REGISTERED Posts: 311
    *slow clap....

    lol just kidding, personally i like the launcher so no biggie having to reinstall it.

  • Red AgliatorRed Agliator REGISTERED Posts: 307 Seed
    Does this affect people who play through Steam?
  • Auti0Auti0 REGISTERED Posts: 277
    Nope. This only affects people from pre-steam sales who still use the launcher to download the game.
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