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OK so i am still trying to figure out these new forums, so if this is in the wrong place please let me know and ill move it.

That being said, its been a long time but i am finally able to deliver on what i said all those long months ago. I have finished my first In game Arena.

ok so before i get to showing it let me explain why i feel so strongly about making this. I really love structured PVP like this. Arena Battles, Battle Grounds, those sorts of head to head PVP fights are awesome. and the can be really entertaining both for the combatants as well as spectators. unfortunately the games i have played in the past don't really accommodate spectators. Arena Teams and fights in a game like Wow can get really competitive and people can watch people fighting in them out of game (through, stuff like YouTube). this is the same for fan made PVP systems like survival maps in Minecraft. they can be really entertaining to watch but you have to do it out of game.

But this is TUG! and we can do it better. so i built an Arena you could have in a Settlement or City. With an in Game Arena Designed for spectators as well as combatants Arena Battles can become immerseive, they are now a form of entertainment as well as a Proving grounds for ones skills.


Standing before the Combatants Entrance:

Top Down Side:

Imagine Walking Out onto this Field with those Stands Filled with Seed!

I have a few more shots i can add Showing the View from the Stands as well =)



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    And Here are a Few Shots from the Stands. imagine watching two teams of expert Fighters Testing there Skills Down on that Floor While you Look down among a Crowed of other Fans.

    And of course there needed to be a VIP Box in case Powerful people wanted to watch in style.
    ( Ino you have an open Seat in the VIP Box any time you want it lol)

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    Nice see I am wanting to build a arena just like this in the Xandertopain capital city its looking good. I think you might want to build down around the outside with walls like the roman calcium. It is going to probably be wiped in the next update though so at least you got some screen shots off :) .
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    it only took two days or so to build. it really was just a big test to see how i could make it.

    as far as the open nature of it the reasoning behind that is two fold.
    First off i was trying to think about resource management. this really is a colossal structure. so to build it in survival would take a lot of time and materials. so i figured by creating a solid base but an airy seating section you could get it up much faster. ( honestly this is only a Mid sized arena i plan on making much bigger ones.)

    and secondly while building it i was listening to the harry potter audio books and i think i may have been unconsciously channeling Quidich stadiums. which i am perfectly ok with since they are awesome xD

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    Glitch, those screenshots are amazing!

    Although, they tend to break the forum. Maybe you could put them in a Spoiler tag?

    The Machine is on....


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    Looking good :D
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    Looks amazing!
    Mind clicking those eggs?
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