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I recently acquired a steam key via email following the yogventures failure.

After having a chat with someone via email I decided to drop my hunt for a refund and give this game a fair chance. Following a bit of research I am very excited for this game and its future.

Now for the bad bit, the steam key I was sent in an email doesn't work.
Can I get a bit of help?



  • Nuclear RussianNuclear Russian REGISTERED Posts: 424 Seed
    Send a request to [email protected] (I think that's the address).
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  • RhysRhys REGISTERED Posts: 5
    Thanks for your help.
  • RhysRhys REGISTERED Posts: 5
    Sorry for bumping, but my support ticket has been stuck on "being processed" for nearly 3 days now.
    Is this normal?
  • Auti0Auti0 REGISTERED Posts: 277
    Since we just had the weekend, yes it is normal. We had a large influx of support tickets over the weekend and we are still trying to get through all them.

    One thing to note is we do not have a dedicated support team at this time. It's really just a few of us devs splitting up the work. So sometimes tickets take a bit longer to go through as we have many other things on our plates at the same time.

    Most likely we will get to your ticket today or tomorrow.
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