Incorrect pricing for Sweden?

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I've been circling through here before and was reminded of this game from from direwolf20's channel!

9,99 euro ≠ 9,99 us dollars ?

I was just about to buy the alpha when I noticed this price discrepancy. I know that other steam purchases have had similar issues because of regional pricing, default settings or some such.

Is this intended from your side?

This discussion here tends to support the contrary: ... ?l=swedish

Sorry for being an ass-hat about this but the page is currently stating an incorrect pricing.
I'm going to buy this anyway because I want to support your project
EDIT: Bought it!

Best Regards
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    Thanks for the heads up! The currency changes has to be manually set on steam which shows up on the widget. The USD price was there before we had the game on steam so that may have caused a lot of confusion. The steam price is accurate and we removed that price listed on the bottom .
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