Research Team Introductions: Steve "Lefty" Levkoff

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Hi All!

Slow to the punch getting my intro. up, but hopefully people remember me from wayyyyyy back during our Kickstarter campaign from that very first video (we've come so far!), so let's call this a re-acquaintance.

I've been at the core of the research team since Nerd Kingdom's inception and I'll try to be a bit more vocal in the forums (I'm admittedly forum shy :D ). My background is in Economics (Ph.D.) and Applied Mathematics and my research interests lie in the operations and efficiency of virtual markets. Here's a dose of my interest that was recently featured on Gamasutra: ... Worlds.php

Feel free to drop me a line [email protected] or follow me on twitter @SteveLevkoff.

Cheers! :mrgreen:


  • SmartyOf95SmartyOf95 REGISTERED Posts: 394
    Hello xD I don't suppose I should say welcome to the forums, looking at your joining date... but I'm not sure what else to say, so welcome to the forums xD
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    Hi Lefty when you were on the Destructoid livestream i asked about how economies on small sized severs compared to ones on larger sized ones and which you preferred. You never really got to answer in detail. Could you go into it now on the forums?
  • AzzyAzzy REGISTERED Posts: 182
    he was indeed :)
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