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Hello Nerdians,

We have to announce that BKG.ME is hosting Servers for Nerd Kingdom's TUG!


Survival Matches begins if 2 Players hits "Ready"!

500 Playerslots avaibled!

Server Adress: TUG.BKG.ME:6600

Announce on BKG.ME: http://www.bkg.me/content.php?15-BKG-ME-is-now-hosting-TUG-by-Nerd-Kingdom

Announce on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/app/277930/discussions/0/558751813031983034/

It´s on a 1000MBiT+ EU Dedicate Server

The Public Server is PvP only!

Game Mode: A private CREATIVE Server is also hosted.
Question for help or access can you get in our Webchat.

Webchat: http://webchat.freenode.net?channels=%23TUG&uio=d4
whisper "eysho" or "Sp0ttyJ0nes".

Have Fun! --- BKG-Staff


  • cambocambo REGISTERED Posts: 152
    Welcome to the NK forums and thank you for supporting TUG!
  • Sp0ttyJ0nesSp0ttyJ0nes REGISTERED Posts: 3
    You got created a real nice gaming invention. So lets spread the fun to everyone! :)
    Testamentof has allready welcome me. This community gots allready really bland users. Thx for this.
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