Particulars about blending and smoothing

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I'm not sure how to word the thread.
I am aware that smoothing and blending are in, and are coming relatively soonly.
However, I am very interested to hear how exactly it is planned to go.

For example, will specific textures have unique blending textures? (bolted down metal on wood, brick flourish between manmade material and brick construct...)
Will all materials be smoothed the same way?

I tried drawing some ideation on what could potentially be the case, but I have no idea if it is even feasible to deal with this and whether everything will just have dirt-style smoothing and no smoothing available.


  • TestamentofTestamentof REGISTERED Posts: 1,234 Seed
    In terms of Terrain smoothing, I like the way that Windbourne does it. you just middle mouse click and the block changes to best match the surrounding blocks.
    The Machine is on....


  • spacedotspacedot REGISTERED Posts: 416 Seed
    I like what you have drawn here but i hope not everything blends or you are able to have non smoothed blocks.
  • YmedronYmedron REGISTERED Posts: 24 Seed
    Testamentof: That sounds like a fine smoothing key.
    spacedot: I think they'll give an option for that, too.

    I guess there is not much to be added to the thread unless someone else has better ideas/a dev posts on what they have planned. hm...
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