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So, we've been talking for a while now on Google+ and various other outlets like Twitter but since this board is so empty we felt it was time to start getting some threads started. One of the first things we really want to do are introductions.

So, my name is Nick LaLone and I am going to be doing some ethnographic work for Nerd Kingdom and maybe, eventually, some more logarithmically demanding work. I have a background in Sociology which I earned from Texas State University in San Marcos and i'm currently a student at Penn State University's IST program or Information Science and Technology.

IST is a program that tries to get social scientists and computer scientists into the same room together. It can be uncomfortable to work with people so opposite yourself but it is amazing the stuff that can be done when the socially minded and the computer minded get together. I will be completing my first year of PhD School in May and then I get to take a test consisting of 3 questions based on a prompt I have already provided. When I pass this test, I become a candidate and the long run up to doing my Dissertation (think: big ole book) begins.

I also teach Game design on the side for an online University named Bellevue in Nebraska. I teach classes like 2-Dimensional Character Design, Introduction to Unity, Serious Games and Portfolio Development.

I post a ton on Twitter and if you want to hear about what i'm working on what my cat is doing, you should follow me there:

Most of my work involves the study of online groups. In particular, I am currently engaged in an analysis of the Boston Marathon Bombing and that work will be presented in Sweden, Argentina, and a few places in the States over the next year. I am also gathering data on a hybrid simulation of crisis response and possibly collaborating on a book proposal on geek culture from a multi-disciplinary perspective soon.

When i'm not doing research (this is rarely), I play a lot of Monster Hunter. You can find that stuff over on Youtube:

You'll see me all over the place but for the most part i'll just be mostly observing for now. I may contact you at some point if I have questions about what you're doing in TUG. I'm interested in things that numbers can't tell the design team. This is a topic you should hear more about in the future!

Have fun out there!


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