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Hiya, earlier this evening I was trying to make some fan art and... Er.... Welll

It went soooo horribly wrong! :oops:

I don't know whether my guy's supposed to be for a TUG game or some bizarre pixelated game. XP

I was wondering as to whether any of you have tips or tricks that could be useful when drawing a TUG character. Or at least a program that's free and better than paint XP

Anything will be really helpful :D


  • JoeJoe REGISTERED Posts: 264 Seed
    My favourite image manipulation programs: (Windows)
    GIMP (made for Linux but there is a Windows version too, if you're into that sort of thing ;) )
    If you have a Mac I can't really help you, except maybe recommend you make a switch to a more usable OS. :mrgreen:
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  • LeifLeif REGISTERED Posts: 361 Seed
    Here is a useful step-by-step LoFi put together:
  • FreemanFreeman REGISTERED Posts: 141
    Personally, I use SAI. Did I mention I'm poor?

    As for advice when making a Seed. Don't be afraid to experiment with proportions. From what I've seen, Seeds can go from Buzz Lightyear to Popeye in terms of body shape.

    Hm, Maybe I should've just said Bluto to Popeye.
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