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Hey everyone! Just a quick announcement, we've added two new sub-forums.

Servers Forum
This is going to be THE place for servers! Post up anything server related here, especially for those who are sharing their server info to the community.

Creative Maps Forums
A new sub-forum under Mods to post up and discuss creative maps that you and the community develop. We're really excited to see what happens here. Get creative!

There will be some small changes to the forums such as merging some lesser active forums into more active ones. We'll announce them here in the News section when it happens.

Thanks all!


  • LeifLeif REGISTERED Posts: 361 Seed
    Thanks noesis!

    Maybe a mod could move exisiting server threads over to the new sub-forum? It's looking so lonely right now :lol:
  • noesisnoesis REGISTERED, GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 69
    Working on that now. ;)
  • PamcakesPamcakes REGISTERED Posts: 738
    You're awesome, Noesis!
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • noesisnoesis REGISTERED, GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 69
    You are much too kind. :)
  • SigilSigil REGISTERED Posts: 678 Developer
  • noesisnoesis REGISTERED, GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 69
    Note: Creative Maps will be renamed to "Custom Maps"
  • xx_hodgiexx_hodgie REGISTERED Posts: 28 Seed
    man idk who keeps posting these REALLY LONG post about stuff that is so far away from the topic of TUG but please stop whenever i get on and search new updates I am constantly let down and annoyed by these post..
  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    those are bots, good friend
  • TestamentofTestamentof REGISTERED Posts: 1,234 Seed
    Yes. I assume that the Custom Maps refers to something along the lines of Broville from MC? I think it was called Broville.
    The Machine is on....


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