Patch History [latest patch: 02/04/2014 version:0.5.3168]

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Here are the collected patch notes from the old forums.

7/25/2013 - Patch Notes

◦Fixed the crash when the game is minimized
◦Clamped the brightness when multiple light sources are near each other
◦FOV is now in the user_config.txt and adjustable through the console
◦Placement and removal key delay altered
◦Improved the search box functionality of the inventory
◦Clamped world name and seed input boxes text length
◦Fixed particle displacement during player movement
◦Fixed some issues where particles would detach from their objects
◦Fixed the crosshair turning off after falling long distances or moving too fast and beating generation
◦Updated default keybinds
◦Updated materials for underground generation
◦Fixed a crash when a biome has no caves
◦Cracks in the tunnels are fixed!
◦First pass of the new hotbar
◦For mods, you are no longer required to copy the entire Assets folder; the game will first check the working directory for any files, then fall back to the Assets folder. So if you change gameobjects.txt for example, you only need MyMod/Data/gameobjects.txt as your mod

8/8/2013 - Patch Notes

◦Fix for sharing worlds created in 32-bit and 64-bit. Unfortunately this means old save files will no longer work.
◦Art pass on terrain
◦Added Normal maps
◦New particle effects for digging
◦Many particle system improvements and controls
◦Particle limits option in the Video settings
◦UI Hotbar now has pages (Shift-Up/Down Arrow to change)
◦Fixed multiple UI related bugs
◦Fixed a major crash with the Win32 version.
◦Various performance improvements
◦New world objects
◦New Loading bar
◦New Inventory background
◦New Hot Bar textures

8/29/2013 - Patch Notes

◦New flower objects added, daises and daffodils
◦New tall grass object added
◦Updated terrain textures
◦New mesa biome added, generates past the current desert biome
◦New cactus added to mesa biome
◦Wood posts added for creating fences or other elements
◦Improvement to torch FX
◦Added environmental destruction FX
◦Improved textures on several existing objects
◦New shadow filtering. (No more blocky edges on shadows)
◦Particle lighting
◦Particles are now fogged
◦Adjusted and updated inventory icons
◦Anything placed on the hot bar is now saved as well
◦New object tools added to the menu


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    Date: 9/11/2013
    Version: 0.3.1549 [ALPHA]

    Discussion thread:

    -Updates to the workbench and anvil objects
    -Snowy pine tree added to the mountains biome
    -Adding in first round of character animations, Idle, Walk, Run, Pick Up & Place
    -Updated shadow handling for objects
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    Date: 9/25/2013
    Version: 0.3.1659 [ALPHA]

    Discussion thread:

    Art Changes:
    -Added aspen trees with normal maps and color variations
    -Added joshua trees
    -Added normal map support for objects sharing UV space
    -Fixed texture seams on various objects
    -Changed rock texture
    -New palmtree textures
    -Added shadows and shadow opacity to pine tree, aspen tree, joshua trees, snowy pine tree
    -Updates to rock height to fix issues with biomes

    Engine/Code Changes:
    -Added "shadow intensity" to control how dark shadows from directional lights are
    -Removed constant shadow brightening
    -Darkened night time, changed moon light color, adjusted daylight ambient light
    -Good texture filtering is now used on the first two shadow cascades
    -Added support for animated model bone attachments
    -Emitter and attractor attachment to bones
    -Added conservative ConstantBuffer updating
    -Shadow optimizations
    -Rendering optimizations
    -Fixed view distance so it doesn't clip
    -Added some new texture samplers
    -Updated shader switched menu textures to bilinear filtering
    -Fixed an issue where particles weren't defaulting some values properly
    -Added settings for particles to tint textures per particle type. Currently there are two values for this, one adds to the color value of the particle and one multiplies it
    -Added particle sprite sheeting. Modified some stuff in renderer to allow point sampling in shaders to work -properly
    -Small fix for when data is mismatched in the particles.txt file
    -Small tweak to the way color values are read from the particle system's particle.txt value for color tinting
    -Altered speed for placing and removing
    -Desynced animation from actual place/remove events (it was too slow when bound to the animation)

    Biome Changes
    - Adjusted terrain generation in the Mountains biome, added more snowy pine trees, the new aspen and adjusted the texture arrangements
    - New biome, Hidden Valley, occurs in between Mountain ranges, this is similar to some real world occurrences of a green belts found in countries like Switzerland
    - Aspen trees added to the Piney Woods biome
    - Rolling Hills biome now has dried up river and pond beds
    - Generation and texture changes for the Trenches biome, also added aspen trees
    - New generation for the Deep Forest biome, more rolling hills and texture updates
    - New generation for the Plains biome, larger patches of wheat and oats
    - New biome, Red Cliffs, added to facilitate blending into Bedrock biome, new cave structure generation added
    - Updates to the Bedrock biome, new Joshua trees added and height generation updated
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    Date: 11/7/2013
    Version: 0.4.2063 [ALPHA]

    Discussion thread:

    It is highly recommended that you force update for this patch. There was a lot of restructuring done and it is unknown what would happen with having all of the defunct files laying around.

    Several new objects added to the game and biome generation:
    -Maple trees
    -Winter maple tree
    -Several shades of aspens
    -Several variations of fruit tree
    -Several varieties of mushroom
    -Several variations of crystals
    -Bamboo trees
    -Fallen logs
    -Wooden stump
    -Vine resource
    -Several types of wisps
    -Apples, oranges, cherries, berries
    -Updates to the bush plants
    -Updates to trees across all biomes
    -Crude pick
    -Crude hammer
    -Crude axe
    -Shell scoop
    -Updates to the textures and models for the gourd, gourd vines & boulders
    -Crafting table versions for the rock, altar & stump
    -Updating cave generation and object placements
    -Biome specific lighting adjustments for day and night have been added across all biome generation
    -Updated clouds and universal sky settings
    -Added new biome The Valley, occurs between the mountains and snowcaps biomes.

    Animation updates for first person and third person animations of running, walking & placing objects.Animations can now layer together. For example, running and placing/removing can now play at the same time.

    Recipes for some of the crude items have been added into the game along with the basic crafting system. Crafting requires a table plus the resource objects necessary to create a craft. Once all resources for the craft are placed on the appropriate table, pressing "G" will then activate the craft and produce a result.

    We have started migrating some basic functionality over to our scripting engine. The most interesting one is we are now doing all of the logic for remove and place block over to lua. The functions that are called exist in terrain.lua

    Some objects start with physics enabled. Placing these objects will automatically cause them to react with other objects and the environment.Pressing "Y" while holding an object, throws the object. Pressing "P", toggles physics to be activated. All objects have a mass and friction to them and will react accordingly to these values. The controls for placing items has also changed. To toggle between placing or not you will need to press "TAB."

    Networking & Third Person Camera
    Networking is functional, but largely untested at the moment. On many games, physics is simulated by the server and the clients are told what to do, but we don't have the luxury of the server running physics because it would have to have the whole world loaded and simulated, which will be a bit much. We are going to work on some way to sync client simulations.
    If you want to host a server you will need to forward the ports 6600 for TPC and 6601 for UDP.
    In preparation for networking, we have enabled a third person camera angle to test animation and other issues with the Seedling. To toggle third person camera mode, press "Ctrl+3".

    Items in Player Hands
    A handful of items can now be held in the players hands. Along with these tools/weapons being held, when you are holding a specific tool it can only destroy certaintypes of terrain. This is the beginning phases of basic gameplay with terrain interaction.
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    I Cant log in its saying Login denied :(
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    Yes, me too - I have tried to update, as I have not been able to start up the game for a while. But my login details were rejected when I tried to update - so I still cannot play/look around (which I did manage earlier).

    Sorry - I just saw the do not post message.
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    Please post any issues in the latest discussion thread. This one is just for record keeping.
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    Date: 12/19/2013
    Version: 0.4.2646 [ALPHA]

    Discussion thread:

    A new game type Survival Mode has been added. Players must scavenge for limited resources in a constrained space. Craft tools and weapons to defeat other players. The last man standing wins!

    Another major change was the introduction of a dedicated server! Just launch the dedicatedserver.exe and have you and your friends connect!

    Art Changes
    -Changed some terrain generation and scale
    -Updated terrain textures for forest, desert, and more!
    -Updated Gourd Plant Texture
    -Updated Gourd Torch model and texture
    -Updated Crude Sword texture
    -Updated Knapped Stone texture
    -Updated trees and leaves
    -Updated fruit trees
    -Updated Normal maps for aspen, acacia, maple, and winter maple trees
    -Updated tool and weapon art
    -Updated Deadwood item texture
    -Adjusted some existing animations
    -Various particle FX fixes

    New Assets Added:
    -Added normal maps to cacti and various environment assets.
    -Added Thorny Vines item
    -Added Chopped Branch resource
    -Added Flint Head resource
    -Added Crude Spear weapon
    -Added Crude Club weapon
    -Added Crude Sword weapon
    -Added animation: Hurt
    -Added animation: Death
    -Added animation: Vertical Swing
    -Added animation: Horizontal Swing

    Engine/Code Changes
    -Several performance optimizations have been added
    -Object culling based on distance
    -RAM usage has been reduced
    -Fixed numerous memory leaks
    -Some new graphics options have been added
    -Particle system improvements
    -Reworked some terrain generation logic
    -Static model culling for shadow maps
    -Added thickness to terrain to prevent most cases of items going through
    -Fixed black terrain polys
    -Improved crafting detection
    -Fixed input box
    -The default FOV has been increased to 60
    -Fixed some character physics bugs
    -Animation Blend Node support
    -Added a lobby for multiplayer games
    -Fixed and stabilized many Multiplayer Issues
    -Added basic combat
    -Character Death
    -Added delays to swinging
    -Players now collide with each other
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    Date: 01/30/2014
    Version: 0.5.3129 [ALPHA]

    Discussion thread:

    Update to Survival Games! We have finalized the starting crafts and resource variations for weapons and tools. Improvements to the generation for Survival Games maps. We are adding the first stage of our body morphing system that will start players with a random set of physical features and clothing pieces before each match.

    Many improvements and bug fixes went into this build to make a generally much smoother experience for everyone. Enjoy!

    Art Changes
    -Temp health indicator added to Survival Games
    -New Main Menu UI
    -Custom Surival Games Map
    -Added the ability to create a custom survival map using creative mode
    -Must be run on a dedicated server
    -Place a world center object and at least one spawn point to set up

    New Assets Added
    -9 variations of the axe, hammer & pick
    -9 variations of the sword
    -3 variations of the gourd torch
    -5 variations of each rock
    -3 variations of each stone resource and each wood resource used in tool and weapon crafts
    -3 variations of the club
    -3 variations of the spear
    -New equipment pieces
    -New hair styles
    -New player animations

    Engine/Code Changes
    -Major performance optimizations.
    -Crafting now works anywhere
    -Third Person mode disabled for now
    -Improved generation speeds
    -Multiple generation bugs fixed
    -Fixed multiple stability issues
    -Properly cull animated models that are outside of generation
    -New particle based clouds.
    -Improved character kinematics control
    -Fixed tree collision
    -Improved character collision with world
    -Morph Target animation system
    -Multi-texturing support
    -Equipment support
    -Randomly selected body weight, equipment, and hair
    -Previous saves will not be compatible.
    -Crafting no longer requires a table
    -New crouch states
    -Added new sound FX
    -Improved the dedicated servers features, output, and stability
    -Spread out spawn locations

    Key Command Changes
    Creative Mode
    -“Q” - Removes the currently held item from the players hand
    -“C” - Toggle Crouch; while in fly mode, causes the player to descend
    Survival Games
    -“Q” - Drops the currently held item on the ground
    -“C” - Toggle Crouch

    Known Issues
    -Game can crash when closing the client
    -You can delete a saved world you are currently in, which crashes the game if you then try to pause/exit.
    -A high amount of particle effects in the same area can cause a severe drop in performance.
    -Certain seed world generations have terrifyingly high/deep columns of ground types.
    -In Survival, dropping/placing small objects like sticks near collision can cause them to fall through the world (or object).
    -In Creative mode, placing large objects close to yourself can cause you to fall through the world.
    -In Survival Games, the gourd torch light and FX remains in place if you place it and pick it up off the ground
    -Block placement interface/outline appears when holding a weapon/tool in Survival and not when holding a block
    -In Survival Games, when placing blocks, sometimes more blocks will enter your inventory
    -Visible seams on the Seedlings
    -Some clothing types display as black textures
    -Body stretches unnaturally when crouching and swinging a tool/weapon
    -In a multiplayer game, other players appear to sink into the ground slightly when crouched
    -In a multiplayer game, a player states aren’t correctly updated for new players joining the match. For example, holding weapons/tool or Seed/Wisp state.
    -On a rematch in Survival Games, sometimes parts of the map may be missing.
    -Rarely, when a player spawns in a game, they can spawn inside of (and be trapped in) an object
    -When placing objects in Creative Mode, the object may not place exactly the same as the preview suggests
    -Rarely, when using a custom made Survival map on a dedicated server, portions of the map/cell may appear missing for some players. Clients seeing this bug should reconnect.
    -When selecting a world to load, there are issues when trying to select a specific save
    -In a single-player, local Survival Games map, if you die, the game will crash.
    -Crouched hurt and swing animations are missing
    -The player’s speed is too fast in first person
    -32-bit clients cannot connect to servers.

    Date: 02/04/2014
    Version: 0.5.3168 [ALPHA]

    Discussion thread:

    New patch is out that fixes a few of the issues that were introduced in the last update:

    -fixed 32 bit builds not being able to interact with the world
    -fixed creative mode placement issues
    -darkness is now properly applied underground
    -clouds now properly sort
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