Is anyone here?

TeknonickTeknonick REGISTERED Posts: 167 Seed
So, I just saw someone posted yesterday. Is anyone else still around? I know there's a Discord channel... but that's not very easy to go through and read up about what's going on. It's been years since anything has really happened. Does anyone have some actual info on this? I'd love to get back into TUG, and even help spread word, but I can't do any of that if the developers keep everything secret.
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  • NaNNaN REGISTERED Posts: 6 Podling
    Still around? I post so I think I am :)
    Some actual info? I fear there are only three groups of people. Those that know something but aren't allowed to tell anything. Those that know something and forbid group one to tell anything for whatever reason. And those that have no substantial clue about somethings nor reasons. I am in the latter group.
    So sorry, not the being aroundness you have been hoping for.
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