Is this still happening?

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Thinking back on the Kickstarter there is so much there that made it the most promising game I've heard of!

Looking at the development of other, similar games, they all started small and built up. IIRC, NK couldn't quit get the world generation right? Minecraft's world generation [waaaaaay back] was.... small. Like I've built towns larger than the original Minecraft world size.
Uh.... Cube World! Cube World actually felt complete in beta [did it ever get a full release?] just because there was so much to do!

TUG has always had such promise but... The forums are dead. The game is off Steam. I'm installing just to see if I can play. There hasn't been any update in how long? It's like.... if a game tells you it's going to be crap and it's crap, no worries. But when a game draws inspiration [according to Kickstarter] from games like Zelda, EVE Online, Monster Hunter.... the expectations are high. Player driven economy. Secrets to find. Items you can [find and craft?] that give you UI? I gotta look back over the Kickstarter...

Honestly with the way this game just died off.... I'm wondering now if it was true promises or just saying stuff that would draw a large number of gamers and get as much money as possible? I guess I have wondered that for a few years now?

I haven't played since... for a while... so I don't know if the game got some quality updates or.... what updates there were seemed like something a single person could have done. I don't know... you guys chose Unity right? Maybe... you chose poorly?


  • lulzies22lulzies22 REGISTERED Posts: 9 Podling
    they haven't even released a progress report on the crappy new version of TUG they were making. They just took everyone's money and left without saying goodbye or even giving a silly excuse.
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