Think about what you've done.

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Hello! I'm a super-duper long time follower of this project, since 2013? Now if I can do math that's roughly 5 years give or take right? 5 YEARS! The time sure does fly! :p lol

Well... the original date for completion was 2015. Now 3 years past that, after a plethora of complications, new funding, new ownership, new team members (firing + hiring) (the team completely changed like three times right?), a whole new engine (for the sake of compatibility with outdated hardware? why?), multiple changes in vision/direction/focus/goal/dream/(and literally every synonym for these words because they've all been used to explain whats going on), the various changes in art style (now admittedly this was something I actually enjoyed), I gotta stop cause the is no foreseeable... (OH!!!!! LACK OF COMMUNICATION) ...end to my list.

I'm taking the time to write this now after so long because the $15 I did spend has landed me and (lemme check that Kickstarter quick) the 7,231 other backers with a beta test of the first version, some pretty screenshots, artwork, and some mental anguish (honestly we did this part to ourselves, like what did we even expect.. lmao). And that's not remotely what anyone paid for.

Now @Elf a long standing, reasonable, and active member of this community mentioned that maybe a class action lawsuit could be worth while. And while that does sound appealing, I'm not entirely comfortable with wasting any of my time on that, but the time spent writing to you all at nerd kingdom, is worth my time.

My point is you should feel deeply ashamed of yourselves. All of you have in essence stolen our money. You could argue the semantics of the word, and come up with a some lie as to why you haven't actually swindled anyone. And being the duplicitous people you are I can expect no less from you. Well how about you argue with me? Maybe tell me something along the lines of... "How can you just disrespect all of the hard work that our team members have done? How can you just disregard how much of their own time, energy, and love went in to this project?" or maybe hit me with some of that good ol' "quit complaining you have no idea what you're talking about" (this is my favorite one). teehee ;)
You could just ban me from the forum but that's quite honestly to blunt, I don't think there can be any better way to say "yeah lol, took ur moneys so wat troloolollloool?!?!".

Okay back to it now. You've all failed. You should all feel terrible. And I and the community as a whole have absolutely no respect for you.

You artists sure do deliver though! Y'all should be proud! This message isn't aimed at you.

And please prove me wrong because like all of us, I still hold the smallest sliver of hope that everything I just said isn't true. I want to be so wrong. But after 5 years of there is no excuse.
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