Isometric Floating Islands

BandersnatchBandersnatch Posts: 101 Seed
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So I got bored and tried to learn how to make an Isometric render using blender. (This tutorial was great if you want to learn how.)

(Click for larger images)

I decided to use my favorite TUG concept art as my basis:

And I came up with this:

Or this when I didn't include the mountain:

Here's a link to a background image made with the second one (since Pam asked for it :D ):

The mountain and islands need a little work though.


  • PamcakesPamcakes Posts: 738 Seed
    The 2nd one would make for a great wall paper :D
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • BandersnatchBandersnatch Posts: 101 Seed
    Pamcakes wrote:
    The 2nd one would make for a great wall paper :D
    Let me link to that in the main post, it's currently my computers background =D
  • EzraEzra Posts: 5
    =D Wow, that looks really cool~ Well done! Yeah, it *would* make a great background.
  • LoFiLoFi Posts: 6 Developer
    There's an artist on tumblr, goes by Etall, that does amazing stuff with this sort of thing (the hexel program?). You guys might liker her work!


    [email protected]
  • BandersnatchBandersnatch Posts: 101 Seed
    Thanks LoFi!
    I'll go look at them right now, they look cool.

    Edit: Looking at the software, it's awesome, easy to use, and really, really easy to create awesome looking things, it also costs money if you want to use any of the cool modes in it.
    The free version lets you draw with hexagons with as big a canvas as you want but if you want to use any of the cool shapes (like triangles, voronai, or custom shapes), you have to pay $20. :(

    Thanks for showing me it, I think I'll stick with using blender though.
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