0.5.3168 Alpha Patch Hotfix

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New patch is out that fixes a few of the issues that were introduced in the last update:

-fixed 32 bit builds not being able to interact with the world
-fixed creative mode placement issues
-darkness is now properly applied underground
-clouds now properly sort

-Red blue dots randomly appearing has been fixed


  • SigilSigil REGISTERED, Developers Posts: 678 Developer
    Thank you Auti0 :)
  • PsiQssPsiQss REGISTERED Posts: 181
    Yay Thanks! Time to try it out :)
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    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • ArchVArchV REGISTERED Posts: 46 Developer
    As a side note, no data changed on the dedicated server side, so no need to change the server. This was a client side only patch.

    Regarding the placement fix... It 100% matches the location you place, however the preview object won't be stuck right on the center of the screen as you move around. This is a side effect of the fix; we figured it's more important to have to object place at the location it shows over having the object explicitly locked to the center of the screen as you look around. You'll see what I mean when you try it; but I've played around quite a bit and it doesn't feel like a big issue.
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  • PsiQssPsiQss REGISTERED Posts: 181
    object placement works perfectly now, much thanks guys! And I am not sure I know what you mean, ArchV. Is it that the object is kind of following the crosshair now? If it's that, it's barely noticable really, and doesn't affect gameplay at all :)
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  • AzzyAzzy REGISTERED Posts: 182
    should've left 32 bit version broken ... #getwiththetimes!
  • TeknonickTeknonick REGISTERED Posts: 166 Seed
    Azzy wrote:
    should've left 32 bit version broken ... #getwiththetimes!
    Agree. xD!!! Although... I've sometimes had issues (MINECRAFT! I'M LOOKING AT YOU!!!) where it would say "YOU ARE 32-BIT. ERROR. WE HATE YOU. DOWNLOAD 64-BIT NOW OR PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR HOUSE SEARCHED AND BURNED."
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    YAY! my bug i posted got fixed :)
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