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So I was bored and started making things in blender and I ended up with a weird creature that could look TUG-ish with a little texturing work.

Untextured front view.

I was playing around with making an asymmetrical creature and I actually managed to make one that looks almost like it could be in TUG, obviously my texturing sucks, I didn't add detail and it obviously needs feet, but other than that I think it looks kind of cool, though it would probably look better as a wisp....

Side view.

I'll just post the file here (though I'm going to warn you, it might get a little messed up if you take it as something other than the .blend) and if you want to make it prettier you can, maybe we could get it into the game when they get creatures up and running. If you don't want to, I really don't care, this was just me being bored for 15 minutes and if nobody else thinks the idea is worth it, I probably won't pursue it at all.

Front view again so you can see my 3 minute texturing job.

So here's the files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/isewn7eqy6v0p6s/2utEYaM1c2


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    just stick it in the ocean. i'm sure it'd work out there. but actually, it's a pretty cool looking quaka.
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    Your right, it would work better in the ocean, only problem is it has no way to swim either 0_0
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    Then replace the tail with a propeller, what's the big deal? ;P

    From that side view, it actually looks symmetrical, that's cool.
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    Yea I actually rendered it in a deep ocean setting, I couldn't settle on which amount of light blurring I wanted so here's with it and without it.

    Edit: aaaaaannnd after wrangling with the forums cause they hate me I realized that they end up looking pretty similar, I swear they don't on my desktop... -_-

    Full "Light Blurring".

    No "Light Blurring".

    Light blurring isn't really the best term, but if someone's interested I'll put how I did it right here:
    When I said "light blurring" what I was really doing was taking the image, then using a Gaussian blur on it, then mixing the blurred image with the original image. This creates a halo effect around everything, it turns out best in dark images with spots of light as it then only appears to halo the lighted pieces. It's also nice because it gives you two options to tweak that are pretty easy to understand, the pixel size of the Gaussian is how big the halo is, the amount of mixing from 0% - 100% allows you to choose how much of the blurred and how much of the original you want, therefore changing how bright the halo ends up looking. There are much better ways to do this really, such as using volumetric shading(which is how I got the lighting to look how it is on the "no blur" image), but this is a quick, cheap way to do this without adding lights to all the areas you want halos (instead you can just make textures which ignore lighting to some point).
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    looks pretty cool actually. like a cross between a light-fish and a dolphin.
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    member of The Lemurian empire and the Merchants guild
    Soon to be alchemist/apothecary in TUG
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    Is it asymmetrical from the front?
  • BandersnatchBandersnatch REGISTERED Posts: 101 Seed
    Yep it's asymmetrical, when I set out to make it I was trying to come up with a creature that was asymmetrical while still looking like something that might naturally evolve. What I ended up with doesn't quite look natural, but there are stranger things on the bottom of the ocean (that's my new defense for why it looks so weird :))
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    On subject of its being a sea creature... You could add some little fins to the side :3
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