My seed art - Guybrush Tugwood

elliott2tselliott2ts REGISTERED Posts: 8
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Hi, my display picture around the internet tends to be Guybrush Threepwood from the monkey island series of games, so when it came to thinking of what my TUG seed would look like I didn't have to go far. In any case i recorded myself making it so enjoy :)

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  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    Seriously looks like this guy works as a ship captain, and if I meet him, I want to know how interested will he be on captaining an AIRship! (Yap, I am planing mostly on a research project ingame to craft one of such vessels)
  • LeifLeif REGISTERED Posts: 361 Seed
    Great job elliott!
  • VisigothVisigoth REGISTERED Posts: 268 Seed
    Still a neat video,
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  • FreemanFreeman REGISTERED Posts: 141
    I still maintain that Mancomb Seepgood is the superior name.
  • DurlVonRookDurlVonRook REGISTERED Posts: 21
    Very, very, very nice. I'm guessing the character is composed entirely of vector graphics? Seems appropriate for TUG.
  • JoeJoe REGISTERED Posts: 264 Seed
    Oh whaaaaat. That is so good man. :P
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  • ShadeeShadee REGISTERED, ADMINISTRATORS, Moderator, Developers Posts: 402 Seed
    Love it! :)

    He needs a pet three-headed monkey.
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